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The Self-Recording Band Academy is the complete, proven, step-by-step system to capture exciting recordings and deliver pro-quality, mix-ready files to your mixing engineer. Without the headache, the endless back and forth and without the fear of getting back just another amateur sounding product in the end.

It's an in-depth online course that will help self-recording musicians like no other program before. You don't need a recording degree or understand all of the science and tech behind recording music. And you don't need tons of money or years of time to spend, either. All you need is your songs, your creativity, your ears and the passion to actually implement stuff and make it happen.

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About The Course Teacher,
(Benedikt Hain)

Benedikt has spent his whole life making records with authentic rock, punk and heavy bands. That's all he's ever done and all he's ever known.

Starting as a musician, wanting to record his own band (just like you!), he soon discovered his love for producing and engineering. During recent years, Benedikt moved more and more to mixing and mastering only and is now a well established mixing and mastering engineer working with bands and labels all over the world. 

Benedikt is completely self-taught, working out of his studio "Outback Recordings" located in the middle of nowhere in the Bavarian Forest. He's learned the hard way and knows exactly what it feels like to be a DIY musician. Also, he has worked with hundreds of self-recording bands from all over the world, which means he's very familiar with the common issues and problems those DIY-recordings often have.

And because Benedikt always wants people to get the best possible record in the end, he started teaching and coaching those self-recording bands who hired him as a mixer. As a result, many of those DIY-recordings ended up being picked up by labels, played on the radio and streamed thousands fo times. 

Now Benedikt has put all this knowledge and experience together and made it available for you, because he doesn't want you to make the same mistakes that he made and that many self-recording bands out there are still making everyday. 

He wants to help you make better records, achieve your goals and stand out from the crowd! 

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

We know it's not easy to trust a total stranger on the internet claiming to be a trustworthy expert. So don't just take our word for it, but read what Benedikt's mixing clients have to say about him and his work.

Stefan Lirk

The Special Bombs

"Thanks to Benedikt, we now have exactly the sound we always dreamed of!"

We couldn't be happier with the result, Benedikt achieved with our songs! The recording we delivered him was already good, but the final mixes just blew our expectations. We haven't been easy clients for him, because we had a very clear vision of our sound. But thanks to Benedikt, we now have exactly the sound we always dreamed of! :)
Also the mastering engineer he recommended was an absolute win for the production.
We have worked with Benedikt on two productions - first on our EP in 2018 and now on our first album in 2019/2020. We're pretty sure, this wasn't the last time... ;)

Jake Desormo


"We were blown away by the finished product!"

Absolutely fantastic!! We reached out to Benedikt and his team at Outback Recordings, to have our first single mixed/mastered. We were blown away by the finished product! We will absolutely be returning for our future projects! Super professional experience and result!

Justin Davis

Reaching For Reality

"We were consistently impressed with his attention to detail, professionalism and great attitude."

This was our first time having our music mixed and Benedikt made us feel extremely comfortable right from the start. He sent us a personalized video welcoming us to his mixing and mastering process. This immediately eased any reservations we had about using an online music engineer. We were consistently impressed with his attention to detail, professionalism and great attitude. He accommodated all our requests and treated our song like it was his own. The finished product came out great and we look forward to working with Benedikt again!

No more frustration and headache. No more wasted time and money. This course will not only lead to much better results. It can save you thousands of $$$.

How much money have you spent on gear that didn't really make a difference in the end, if you're honest? How much money did you put into your band for various things over the years, that didn't really lead to great results?

And how much money did you spend on education and things that actually matter? Things that actually get you results? Your knowledge, skills, mindset and perspective?

The funny thing is, we easily spend $1000 or more on a new guitar, $2000 on amps and pedals and another $1000 for a basic recording rig. Yet, when it comes to actually learning how to use that stuff and gaining the confidence and knowledge to create truly great things  with it, we rarely invest anything.

Or we don't even think about investing in ourselves, cause we either tell ourselves it's not necessary, or we think proper audio education is out of reach, too time consuming and too expensive anyways. Especially if you're a musician and you're not trying to make a career out of engineering and producing, the price for private coaching, lessons, let alone recording schools often just can't be justified.

You're basically stuck with these options: 

Going to audio school and paying $500/month or more to get a $12000 degree in the end that you don't even need.

Paying $1000+ for various complicated online courses and subscription programs for audio engineers until you feel like you have enough information on each part of the process (although you still don't really understand how it all works together and what really matters for you as a musician)

Paying for private lessons and 1-on-1 coaching, which is great, but can easily cost you $100/hour or more and will take a LOT of time. 

Deciding not to pay at all and piecing together information from YouTube, Blogs, etc., which  is helpful if you're searching for a specific piece of information, but VERY time consuming and frustrating when you're looking to get a complete picture that will actually get you results. Also, how do you know which pieces of information out there are actually true, actionable and valuable?

And finally, skipping the education altogether and just trying to figure it out on your own. That's what I did for much too long and it cost me years of time and THOUSANDS of dollars spent on the wrong equipment or ineffective room treatment while still getting poor, amateur sounding results.

Well, there's one more option now!

Join the waiting list now and get notified, as soon as the academy is ready!