Need help setting up a home recording rig? Want feedback on your DIY-recordings? Any other questions related to home recording, streaming, remote production, etc.? 

I'm getting a lot of DMs and emails from people about home recording setups, gear recommendations, streaming setups and of course about how to use all of those things (recording techniques, best practices, etc).

So, if you have checked The Self-Recording Band (podcast, downloads, articles, videos, emails, etc), but still need help, I got you!

I'd like to bring as much additional value as possible to (DIY-)musicians during these times. That's why I'm offering free video mini coaching sessions (20 minutes) to answer your questions, give feedback on your work, help you set things up, etc.

We can share screens, stream high quality audio and I can control your computer (if you let me) to do it for you right on your rig. You'll get the technical instructions for the call in advance, so that we don't waste any time on our call. Please follow the instructions on the scheduling page. See you!


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