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Mixes Unpacked 

How To Turn Your DIY-Recordings Into Pro Sounding Releases

Sit down next to us (virtually), as we walk you through real mixing sessions in this in-depth video course. No secrets, no BS, no question unanswered. 

No More Spinning Your Wheels 

In Mixes Unpacked, we'll show you the techniques but, most importantly, we'll also help you understand the "why" behind all the mixing decisions. And we use real, self-recorded tracks for that.

If you want to make progress and mix or record more confidently, without the constant back and forth, you don't just need the tricks. You need to know what you want to achieve. You have to define the sound in your head first and then execute.

It's all about context, about having a system/process and about having a vision. It's about understanding the basic principles and thought processes behind all the tricks and techniques. Then you can apply things in a way that works for your song. Or go back and fix your song first.

No Question Left Unanswered

Education and practice are important, very important. First you need to learn, then you need to apply what you've learned and practice. That's how you get better.

This is why you can go through the material at your own pace and then take as much time as you want to practice until you really get the concepts. You have lifetime access to all the material.

But there's a way to supercharge your progress.

If you get stuck, the best thing to do is filling the gaps through asking questions and getting answers directly from the people who are already doing what you want to do. From us, the producers/engineers who have mixed these songs, as well as countless other real releases that ended up on the radio, playlists, or record label releases. 

That's why we give you assignments and a guide on how to get the most out of this course.

And that's why we take it even further and offer a live Q&A video meeting with us, a couple of weeks after the launch of the program. Take notes, leave your questions below the videos and bring any additional questions to the meeting, so we can address them all.

This is a bonus and not a must! So if you can't make it live, you still get the whole course and a replay of the Q&A session!

Here's What's In This First Edition Of Mixes Unpacked:

Mix Walkthrough: Mad Morality - "Casserole"

Learn how Benedikt mixed this pop punk song to make it stand out. Punchy, yet organic drums, catchy vocals, big guitars, lots of layers and "special sauce" post production elements.

Mix Walkthrough: Wet Future - "Crooked Judge"

Learn how Malcom mixed this alternative rock song to make it stand out. A lot of movement, dirty tones, bold guitars, vibey drums and tons of energy. 

Bonus: Q&A Live Session With Malcom And Benedikt

If you take notes and leave questions as you go through the course, we'll answer them in a live Q&A session that you are invited to! This will happen a couple of weeks after the release of this course and a replay will be available.

"Okay, that sounds good and all, but will this really work for me and help me improve my mixes (and/or recordings)?"

Glad you asked. Here's how you can apply this and get the most out of this course in just 3 steps:


Step 1: Watch The Videos (At Your Own Pace)

Pick a song to start with, watch the walkthrough start to finish and take notes (including things you don't quite understand, yet, or have questions about). Then repeat with song number two.


Step 2: Apply, Experiment & Leave Comments

Open up one of your sessions, grab your notes and try to apply the things you've learned in these videos to your own song.

Make notes of things that worked or didn't work for you.
Leave a comment below each video, telling us what the most helpful thing was for you in that video, as well as what didn't work for you and then also ask us any questions you might still have.


Step 3: Ask & Get Answers To Help Fill In The Gaps

Come to our live Q&A meetup, where Malcom and I go through these questions and try to answer them all (watch your email inbox for a date and meeting link).

There will be enough time before the meetup to watch it all. But if you can't make it to the live session or can't make it through the course in time, there will be a replay available for you!

And we'll still answer your questions if you leave them in advance!

 But there's even more...

What You'll Get When You Purchase

  • In-depth video training to watch at your own pace (2 songs, 10 modules/lessons)
    • 1 complete mix walkthrough by Benedikt Hain (400€ value)
      (Band: Mad Morality; Song: Casserole)
    • 1 complete mix walkthrough by Malcom Owen-Flood (400€ value)
      (Band: Wet Future; Song: Crooked Judge)
  • Bonus 1 (250€ value): 
    Live Q&A session with Malcom & Benedikt 
  • Bonus 2 (100€ value): 
    Additional video workshop on how to create and use key spikes in your sessions 
  • Bonus 3 (100€ value): 
    Additional video workshop on how to get heavy, dirty rock/punk/metal bass tones in the DAW 
  • Lifetime access including all future updates & additions
  • 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked

30 Day Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee!


Money Back Guarantee

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