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#24: The Process Of Making A Record – Breaking It Down From Idea To Finished Release

#24: The Process Of Making A Record – Breaking It Down From Idea To Finished Release

This Podcast (and whole website) is about making records. 

And this is the master episode. The episode of all episodes, if you will.

Because we're walking you through the entire process of how records are made, explain every step along the way and talk about how to best approach each step, depending on what you're going for and what situation you're in.

There's so much that goes into making a record that the actual process of recording it is just a small piece of the puzzle. Join us as we're breaking it down step by step, so you can create your own master plan for your next release!

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#23: 10x Your Productivity And Creativity By Using Checklists And Templates

#23: 10x Your Productivity And Creativity By Using Checklists And Templates

When you hear "checklists and templates", creativity is not the first thing that comes to mind, right?

It sounds like the exact opposite and we as typically right-brained artists tend to avoid those things like the plague. 

But the truth is:

Checklists and Templates enable you to be truly creative, because if you use them to your advantage, your brain doesn't need to waste energy on the non-creative, repetitive tasks anymore and is free to focus on what really matters: The art.

In this episode we talk about three main benefits of checklists and templates in music production:

We explain why and how they help you...

  1. ...save time
  2. ...be more creative and have more fun producing
  3. ...avoid mistakes

And finally, we give you specific examples of checklists and templates that you can implement right now to 10x your productivity and creativity.

Book Recommendation:

The Checklist Manifesto

Malcom's Studio Preparation Guide:

Click here and scroll down to find the download

Free Productivity Software Recommendation:


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#17: Vocal Tuning Isn’t Just For T-Pain

Vocal Tuning Isn't Just For T-Pain

What comes to mind when you think of Auto-Tune?

​Probably not organic sounding, "real" rock music, right? The word screams "FAKE!" The truth is, though, that on most modern, professional records, even the very natural sounding ones, you'll hear some sort of pitch correction or tuning that happened in post-production or even in real-time during recording.

It's not at all about creating funny, robotic sounding effects (although you can do that if you want) and it's also not about making bad singers appear as if they could actually sing (although you can definitely do that to an extent).

It's mostly about taking an already great performance, that has the perfect feel and energy and getting the intonation just right, so that the vocal sits beautifully in the mix and connects with the listener.

Sometimes that means it needs to be just a little off, sometimes it means it needs to be 100% accurate. And sometimes nothing at all is needed. It totally depends, but if it could really help the song and make a greater impact on the listener, would you still refuse to do it? Let's discuss!

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#16: Is There A Correct Order To Record In?

Whiteboard with Recording Order

What order should you record your tracks in? And why? Does it even matter?

We think it does matter! Unfortunately, it's not as simple as a list that you could follow every time you record.

Listen to this episode and learn what really matters when it comes to the order of recording things, the philosophy behind it, how to find out your perfect order and how to get the most out of your recording sessions by approaching them the right way.

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