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102: How To Get Things Done As A Band

Benedikt has just joined/co-started a new band and they’ve gone through the process of setting up a simple system that lets them collaborate well (remotely). We decided that we should share that with you!

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89: Level Up Your Production Quality Through Hiring (Remote) Session Musicians

Hiring amazing session musicians can take your productions to the next level or even save sessions that would otherwise lead to very poor results.  

 Also, as a self-recording musician you might be in a perfect position to offer playing on other people's records! If you're a great player AND a skilled recording engineer, maybe a session musician career might be a path you'd want to explore.

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84: Organize Your Projects Like A Pro

What does your typical project layout look like? 

  • Which colors do you use on which tracks? 
  • What about the routing and your bus structure?
  • How do you make sure you never lose any takes?
  • How do you keep track of all the magic moments happening in a session, so that you can move on quickly and then reliably come back to find them?
  • How do you navigate your session quickly and switch between tasks?
  • What about going back to previous stages of the session, archiving files and accessing mixes, stems, masters, demos etc quickly and everywhere?
If you don't have a good answer to any of these questions, this episode is for you.

Listen now and learn to set up your session and workflow like a pro!

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