100: Meet Our Amazing Community – Celebration Episode

100: Meet Our Amazing Community – Celebration Episode

There's not much to say this time. Except that we are insanely grateful for our community and the fact that we got to do 100 episodes of this podcast, which has helped so many people from all around the world. ❤️


In this episode we're hanging out with artists from our community, our listeners. You'll learn about their projects, bands, main takeaways from the podcast and their answers to the ultimate question: Pizza or burger?

The people, bands and labels featured On this episode:

Tanzibad (Richie's band)

Love Forty Down (Torsten's band)

Wayne Coulson (great musician and amazing up and coming producer/engineer)

Venom And Spirit (Ryan's band)

Revoluzza (Pauly's band)

Sbäm Records (the amazing label that Love Forty Down got signed to with their self-recorded record)

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This episode was edited by Thomas Krottenthaler.

Benedikt's voice on this episode has been recorded with the Antelope Axino Synergy Core.

Automatic Episode Transcript — Please excuse any errors, not reviewed for accuracy (click for full transcript)

TSRB 100: Meet Our Amazing Community - Celebration Episode

Automatic Episode Transcript — Please excuse any errors, not reviewed for accuracy (click for full transcript)

[00:00:00] Ryan: I don't know, not having a burger ever again, you know, like, uh, is that what we're talking about? Are we just talking about like 

[00:00:09] a. 

[00:00:10] Benedikt: You're way. 

[00:00:11] Over-complicating this? 

[00:00:12] Ryan: Oh, 

[00:00:13] Benedikt: me an answer. 

[00:00:14] Ryan:

[00:00:29] Benedikt: Hello and welcome to the self recording band podcast. I am your host Benedict tine, and I'm here with my friend And cohost Malcolm Owen flat. How are you Malcolm?

[00:00:38] Malcom: Hello. I'm great. How are you? Benny? Actually, first off. Happy birthday, man. This is my first time getting to talk to you in person since your birthday. Not in person virtually. That's the new in-person. Isn't it 

[00:00:49] Benedikt: Yeah. Thank you. So Thank you. So much, man. I read the post and the community yesterday and i, I like it made me smile and it made me happy. So thank you for that. [00:01:00] 

[00:01:00] Malcom: Thank you for being you did.

[00:01:02] Benedikt: Oh man. Yeah. Uh, I enjoyed the last two years doing this podcast so much. I can't even, I don't even, know? where to begin. And that's the whole purpose of this episode today, right, So we're going to celebrate those past two years and we're going to talk about our favorite moments. We're going to hopefully get to ask our community about their favorite moments. And before we do that I want to ask you how your week was welcome, because I can't do an episode without hearing you but that you've given me an update on what's going on in your life.

[00:01:31] Malcom: Uh, what is going on with my life? Uh, I am, I guess, like, it's actually been a few weeks since we recorded anything. because we bought a bunch of episodes before the holidays. So in that time I went to Mexico, I made it back from mexico. I'm currently quarantining in my home, uh, as required after a trip out of the country. but that is just fine because I did get my new M one max Mac book pro. So I've just been spending all my time playing with a new computer, setting it up, downloading all the plugins again and making all my, [00:02:00] you know, uh, presets again, I forgot to import my presets. So that's been a little bit of a task. Uh, but, uh, but it's good. It's kind of nice to refresh things and you know, refine The workflow. Um, I gotta say the computer is a beast. It is definitely working as I hoped it would. Um, and yeah, I'm pretty much home for. Straight just mixing and mastering and, uh, for the entire month, which is pretty rare for me. I like lately I've just been in and out of the house into different projects all over the place. So, but I'm yeah. Looking forward to a month at home and going to do a whole lot of mixing, 

[00:02:32] Benedikt: Oh, that sounds amazing, dude. And, uh, yeah, I'm glad to hear that the new computer works because I'm I'm still thinking about getting one. I didn't pull the trigger yet and, that don't really need to, I think that's why I didn't have to, but I really want to, and I wanted to make sure that yours is working before I do anything. So I give it a couple more weeks and then we'll see. 

[00:02:51] Malcom: Yeah. I, I found like a couple hiccups so far, but there, I found ways around them all as well. Um, but there, there's definitely a [00:03:00] couple of things and, uh, I, I'm looking forward to more of like the software I'm using because almost, almost all of it I'm using is using the Rosetta, processing, which for anybody that's thinking, we'll get an MRI, Amazon. That just means that it like runs, uh, uh, like a virtual version of their old operating system, I guess. And that's run non coded like software. Um, and as doing that flawlessly, you can't, you don't even know what's happening, but once it gets to the new coding, it'll apparently be even more powerful, which will be incredible.

[00:03:32] Benedikt: Cool. Awesome. Now let's get to today's episode because I see that people are already in there and waiting. Malcolm

[00:03:39] Malcom: Yes. 

[00:03:39] Benedikt: in these last hundred episodes, which is kind of crazy to even say, I think that. we have a 100 episodes down at this point and we haven't missed a single week. what were some of your favorite moments or favorite episodes or key takeaways or things we talked about? Anything like, can you remember. 

[00:03:56] Malcom: Yeah. I think like the [00:04:00] standard ones from memory, our guest episodes, like those were just so much fun connecting with our friends and, and, um, colleagues and, and just getting to like bounce ideas off of each other. Yes. NGOs in particular, I remember just like th that one's just been, that has been incredibly useful. It convinced me to put more treatment in my studio, which is never a bad idea, I think. and then it's also been like, probably the most shareable episode for me, because I get asked questions about that stuff all the time. So I'm just like, just go listen to yes. Go tell us what's up. 

[00:04:31] Benedikt: Yeah. 

[00:04:31] Malcom: It's just so useful. And same with Diego. And actually Diego was a really special episode too, because, Diego I'd never never heard of or talk to before you introduced me to him via that episode. Um, cause you were friends with Diego and oh, I should, uh, share what episodes these are. The go episode was 49 for anybody that hasn't heard that that was about and then the Diego episode was episode 47. So just a couple of before that, and we talked to all about guitar setup and I think anybody that's listened to this, any amount of this [00:05:00] podcast knows that Benny and I are just like eternally frustrated with guitar recordings because it's so hard to get. Right. And Diego is just a master at like those fine details, the stuff that really matters. So that was just like, I think that helped people help their audience like level up and understand what we're looking for when it comes to making professional guitar recordings. So both of those episodes, probably my, my Uh, my favorite 

[00:05:24] Benedikt: totally, totally. and shout out and a huge thank you to the guests that we had on, on this podcast. Who are, I hope I don't forget anybody, but I think I have all of them. they are John McLucas.

[00:05:36] Malcom: Yep. 

[00:05:37] Benedikt: Yes go Lohan. Yeah. Yes. Colo Han Diego, Cassius, Jacob Hansen, and Matt Ramsey. You are amazing. Thank you so much for coming to the show and sharing your wisdom. Your knowledge with us, those episodes were really really, really amazing for us. And I want to do more of those in the future because our analytics also show us that these are very popular and people really enjoy them [00:06:00] and for good reason. So thank you so much for doing all of that. Also like Diego you've had so much in the community, you took the time to answer so many questions in detail. Like that's totally amazing. So thank you for doing that. We also have something coming by the way with that Diego made for you. So I can, I can already say that. Uh, but thank you for everything you've did so far, you did so far. Same as true for, for everybody else. Like John and lee ESCO and Diego, all three, that guest workshops for our academy course. And like we can't be like, we are super grateful for all that. And um, the next big, thank you, goes out to you uh, the listeners, by the way, you are in the audience right now, because it's incredible for us to see that. So many of you are enjoying this podcast and that you keep listening, that you subscribe and, leave reviews and share the podcast it's been growing and it still grows more than ever actually at the moment. so we are really, really, really happy to have you and, glad for, for, yeah. For you. And for the fact that you are [00:07:00] sharing this with your friends. So this is much bigger and more fun than I thought it would be. And it's not like a huge 10 thousands of like, I dunno, like size audience, but it's like a it's a decent size and the, the way the feedback we get and the way we get to interact with you in the, community and through email and through everything we do. Feels just so great. And so I don't know it's just, it's a connection. And, uh, I don't know. I don't even know how to, how to, I mean, you know what I want to say? it's like, it feels so good and so fulfilling and it's, it feels much more like a conversation and not just like talking at you, although we are basically just talking at you everything single week, but it doesn't feel like it. And we really, really appreciate this community and we hope for it to grow and we have big plans for this year. So thank you so much, everybody.

[00:07:49] Malcom: Yeah. The, the Facebook community especially is just magic. And, uh, I think a lot of the people that are actually on this we're, we're part of our last like community meetup that we did, um, which was such a cool experience as [00:08:00] well. That kinda like changed everything for me. I was like, well, people actually are out there consuming this stuff and it's helping, this is really cool. So yeah. Thank you for showing up to things like this as well.

[00:08:11] Benedikt: Yes, totally, totally. And it's, it's kinda crazy to think that we have like 30,000 downloads, which is, I don't know, compared to some other podcasts might not be that huge, but for us it's a big deal. And, um, we have a couple of hundred people listening every single week consistently and 500 in the Facebook community, thousands that we reach through email. So yeah, that's, that's pretty amazing. so yeah, for me personally, my, I want to just share my favorite moments real quick. And then, um, we let the first people in. So for me personally, it was also the the guest episodes, but then I have a couple of episodes and that's the first actionable actually helpful part of the, of today's episode that I have for you I have a couple of episodes that I just want to share again, because I think they are super valuable And important for people. and some of those are very popular. Others, not so much, but I wish they were because [00:09:00] they, I think they are just good and valuable and important. So. I'm going to start, as I said, with the episode with the interview episodes, but then I really liked the Q and a ones. Like in fall, we did a couple of Q and a episodes in a row. I think I did two of them on my own. And then we did one together. And initially these were more or less like filler episodes. because it was difficult to schedule, um, recording sessions for this podcast, but we didn't want to miss a week. So we did those and not just decided to answer questions, But it turned out that you actually liked those episodes that they were pretty popular and we got pretty good questions for them as well. So maybe we should do more of those in the future. I personally enjoyed it a lot. I personally enjoyed it to answer your questions. And I also want to make sure that I get to answer as much as possible, not only in like coaching calls and like one-on-one stuff, but also on the show. So we want this to be as helpful as possible. So I really enjoyed those. So if you haven't listened to those, go back, please, and listen to episodes 91 to [00:10:00] 91. These are the Q and a ones that. I really, really enjoyed

[00:10:03] Malcom: Yeah. 

[00:10:05] Benedikt: Yeah. And then, um, interesting. I think that all the interestingly, the everything that has to do with guitars or vocals was pretty popular maybe because like most people record guitars and vocals and not everybody does drums for example. But I personally think that some of our very first episodes on drums are actually ones that you might want to go back to and listen to them again, if you, if you record drums or work with drums in any capacity, because we were not as good back then in recording a podcast. So these episodes might not be, I don't know, maybe we were bad at, at, at, at this, but the content is still valuable and good, I think. And if you go back to episode nine, for example, or like basically seven to nine, where we talk all about programmed drums versus real drums. And then, Episode four, which was about drum phase. I think those were one of the most important episodes we did because it's just [00:11:00] so hard to do that right. To get that right. And um, if we get, if we got to do those again, we would probably do them a little differently, but I think there's still, we're still correct with what we said back then. And the content is still valid, valuable, and helpful. So I really want you to go back and listen to those if you can or if you haven't yet. And then yeah, that's basically it. I think that all the drum episodes and then a couple of the mindset episodes as well. These are the last ones that I have on my list here. So things like why a Drax need editing episode 44 or things like, if you're about to mix your next record yourself, listen to this, you might be hurting your band episode 37. These are some of those episodes that are not so popular and I can see why, but they are still really important to me 

[00:11:44] because 

[00:11:45] Malcom: they're like the hard truths that people don't necessarily want to hear.

[00:11:48] Benedikt: exactly. If there are some episodes out there that all like that, and if you go through the back catalog, you'll find some of those. and I really hope you take the time and listen to those as well. Not just the really actionable ones, [00:12:00] the like, where we give you the tactics and tools and techniques, but like, those episodes are so important because they are the framework, the foundation for everything else. I just think it's, it's good to, to refresh, and go back And listen to those again. and I'm not saying of course, that there's always a right or wrong answer there. It's just food for thought. So yeah, those were my kind of favorite things to drum episodes. And then The the mindset episodes. I just like to talk about that stuff, because I can just say that for me, mindset and also efficiency, productivity, all those skills that are not directly related to audio have helped me the most in my career. Like everything else that the techniques, the compression iQ, mixing techniques, all of that is of course important, but that is the part that can more easily be learned and taught, but the mindset, the productivity stuff, the efficiency, the priorities, they talking about budget and financials and all these things that are not directly related to audio. Those are the [00:13:00] skills that really helped me advance the most. And they are the foundation for everything else. I think. So I really hope that you don't skip these kinds of episodes. I think that's what I wanted. 

[00:13:09] Malcom: Yeah, there, there was that episode. We did, um, I think it was called something like why you need a producer, even if it's you, um, something like that. And that's been another episode I can share to a band for that's talking to me about recording their own tracks. It's just, I go listen to this. And, and I found that the bands that pull off the self recording the best are the ones that get really organized. And like in there, when they're sending me tracks to mix her master and stuff, it's like, they've got a system down, they've got spreadsheets and stuff. Like they know what they're doing, they're organized. And, and those are the people that, have like consumed all of those episodes for sure.

[00:13:42] Benedikt: Yeah. Agreed. I can totally tell. Um, when, when I work with people who has listened to those And who didn't, or at least who who implemented what they've learned, I mean, it could be that they listened, but they didn't implement it. So yeah, you can definitely tell and it makes things so much easier and smoother and, faster and, better for everybody. So [00:14:00] yeah, that was my little recap here. and. by the way, if you go to the self recording band.com/podcast, you'll find a player at the top. That's pretty convenient actually. And regardless of the podcast app, you use this little player, lets you scroll through all the episodes really quickly and it doesn't take up a lot of screen space. You can just quickly scroll through it, look at the titles and maybe like just make some notes on the episodes that you want to, listen to And it might be easier, more convenient than to do that on Spotify or. Uh, app that you using? Uh, it depends on what you're listening on, but I just find it really helpful to sometimes just go through the back catalog there 

[00:14:39] and 

[00:14:39] Malcom: is the easiest, for sure. Like before we started this episode, I was asking Ben I'm like, how can I quickly scroll through the titles? And he's like, ah, this And it's, it's awesome. So if you want to go find old episodes or re refresh yourself on any topic, this Is the quickest way to scan through for sure. 

[00:14:55] Benedikt: yeah, totally. And then, um, below that, below [00:15:00] the, the player, there is also our show notes. I don't know if you've ever used those or if you have a click there, but they are pretty helpful. These are like mini blog posts for every single episode. There is one and whenever we mentioned a tool or a link, or we mentioned a band or some things that we talk about, you'll find it in those show notes. So you don't have to search for those things. Uh, if it's gear recommendations. Yeah. Whenever we talking about anything, basically I try to, put the links in there, or at least give you the names of the things that we talked about or the people that we talked about. So, uh, just go to the self-regarding band.com/the number of the episode. Like for example, the self recording bank.com/ 100 will be the show notes page for this episode. So if you didn't use that so far do that, it's, it's really cool. sometimes it's additional value. It's additional resources. Sometimes it's downloads. We mentioned. So you might miss out by not checking this,

[00:15:52] Malcom: Yeah, you might not have your custom Malcolm own flood drum samples 

[00:15:55] Benedikt: for 

[00:15:55] example, oh my God. By the way, I got an email yesterday. I haven't even listened to [00:16:00] it. Good that you bring that up. I got an email yesterday from, I got an email from Thomas Thomas center is his name and he said, he really appreciates the podcast and he's, yeah, he's thanking us for doing what we do basically. And he's looking forward to the, to the, our next episodes. And he'd been a long time listener and all of that, but most importantly, he sent me a link of a song where he actually used your riser and I'll come your mouth riser. And I can't wait to listen to it and see how he used it. But it's in an actual song.

[00:16:32] Malcom: Oh, my God. That's amazing. I hope it goes to the top of the charts, Thomas.

[00:16:37] Benedikt: Yup. Yup. So, um, I have to talk to Thomas, um, if we can, like whenever it's released, if we can share it, because then you'll find the song in the show notes. Of course. Uh, I have to talk to him, but thank you for making that and I can't wait to listen to it and then to give you my thoughts.

[00:16:54] Malcom: Oh, that's so great. Can you please, uh, please send that to me as well so I

[00:16:58] Benedikt: Oh, of course. Of course. I'll do, [00:17:00] I'll do that. All right. Yeah. Let's get to our community, which is the most important thing today, I think. And you are the most important part of the show because without an audience, the show wouldn't make much sense. Um, I think Richie, okay. Richard says he's got to go in a few. Thanks so much for what you do in Congress on your hundredth episode. Thank you, Richie. You rock. If you want to come on the show real quick, before you have to leave, this is your chance because if you have to leave in a few minutes, maybe you want to come on real quick and share what you did or share some, some of your takeaways or just do whatever you want to do Oh yeah. He's calling in, hello Richie. How are you?

[00:17:42] Richie: I had to jump through a lot of hoops as, uh, as you guys were chatting and playing jeopardy theme music for me. So yeah, as I was going through, I'm just going, okay. That's why I put, yeah. So I'm like, I'm going to ask my question. I'm not going to type it and then ask [00:18:00] again anyway. Yeah. So I don't know. I've kind of been here since beginning. I don't remember how I found you. Um, but everything that you mentioned as your favorite things in terms of, uh, Benny in particular with your mindset shifts and, and all about drums and, um, also a Malcolm, uh, In this podcast and also your other one, all of those things have really helped to shape and mold my brain as a musician, uh, particularly giving me some confidence in order to actually take those steps and like get beyond that doubt and just, uh, and just get working like LA last night. A couple of hours just in my living room, just, just demoing some things with, um, with just my Aston stealth and a variety of instruments and my voice and just, just doing it, you know? So instead of just sitting around and being like, oh, how do I do this? I've never done it. So I'm just not going to, which is literally the worst feeling. So, um, so, you know, I, [00:19:00] I really appreciate the time that you take to make these episodes and, and there's so much value. Um, In them. So, and it's really good for me too. Um, Having listened to a lot of the things when I run into those, those issues again, then I can say, oh yeah. So for acoustic treatment or for recording acoustic guitars in a certain way, I can go back and listen to this and this, or like you mentioned with the show notes and all that sort of stuff. And, and like all that is such invaluable information for somebody. That could potentially, and not, not just me, but in general, just somebody that could potentially go down the rabbit hole of YouTube and just get 16,000 different opinions. And, and it's just nice to have that. Obviously yours are two of those 16,000 opinions, but it's nice to have. Something actionable that you can work with. Right. So, so I think that's, uh, that's been really helpful for me. Um, I appreciate your insight when I've just asked questions out of the blue. Um, I went on a call with [00:20:00] Benedict, so I don't know if he's still offering that, but. Highly recommend that just to get an hour of time, just to, uh, just to kind of see where you are and, and how they can support that, whether or not you join his, his, um, mentorship program or not. I think it's, it's great just to chat and just to, um, just to get that perspective of, of a recording engineer and, and, uh, so, you know, anyway, like rambling here, but I just really appreciate the time and effort that you, uh, that you put into this and. Yeah, so it's, you know, looking forward to a hundred more and hopefully I'll get an opportunity to work with you guys soon. 

[00:20:38] Malcom: right. Well, Richie, 

[00:20:40] Benedikt: you so much.

[00:20:41] Malcom: I'm really stoked that you're, you're on the video right now, because right now you're actually talking to me about, like, you're asking me questions about recording your own solo music. Right. You're embarking on this path that, I mean, I don't know. Would you have done that if you hadn't been developing these skills for the past year? 

[00:20:59] Richie: It's [00:21:00] definitely uncharted territory. And so, and I think a lot of it was just being, recognizing that my music is good enough and then just having the skills and knowledge to put it down and just kind of go from there. So, um, you know, and, and for further context, Malcolm, uh, mastered my band tans of bads album. Uh, and that was nice to work with you in that is in that respect as well. And just, um, and yeah, so I don't know. I just think I, as an artist, I didn't, I don't think I had something to say. And so now I finally do 

[00:21:35] Malcom: awesome. Yeah. Well, something I liked about that tans, a bad process was that you, uh, while you were starting that project up, you were messaging me with questions about how to go about things. Like I remember getting texts about using a pick, uh, on a base or like, and stuff like that. And you were practicing some crazy heart, fast riff and stuff. So you're a very actionable person, Richie, which is great.

[00:21:58] Richie: Oh, thanks. I appreciate it. If [00:22:00] sometimes I feel like I'm not. So, you know, 

[00:22:04] Benedikt: Well, thank you so much for sharing all of this, uh, Richie you've been in there from the beginning. I know we've had a couple of interactions, also in the academy, the coaching, the group coaching calls, the one-on-one calls, and it's just amazing to see your progress. I love listening to your record and I can't wait to see what you will you'll be doing in the future. And I just hope you stick around, and keep listening to what we'll do our episodes. And yeah. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for being part of the community.

[00:22:31] Richie: Yeah, you're welcome guys. Uh, take care and we'll chat again, CNA. 

[00:22:35] Benedikt: Yup. And what, wait before you leave, there's one thing, one thing I have to ask you, because I'm on a personal, I'm on a personal quest that has nothing. It has nothing to do with audio, but I'm going to ask people to jump on these calls today, uh, on the, on this call today. So really quick burger or pizza, 

[00:22:52] Richie: Okay. 

[00:22:53] Burger a pizza. 

[00:22:54] Benedikt: what's better.

[00:22:55] Malcom: Better.

[00:22:56] Richie: I'm going to go with pizza. 

[00:22:59] Benedikt: Thank you [00:23:00] so much. And the second question, this is this three answers, beer, wine, or no alcohol at all. 

[00:23:05] Richie: Oh, that's that's gotta be beer, man. 

[00:23:08] Benedikt: awesome. Thank you. That's all I need to know. Thank you so much, man.

[00:23:15] Richie: Yeah, no problem. 

[00:23:16] Malcom: Uh, 

[00:23:17] Benedikt: Chat with you soon, Richie. Bye-bye

[00:23:19] Malcom: you got a tally going for these Benny on your side or should I make one?

[00:23:25] Benedikt: I have to tell you, actually, I have one here. and, um, eventually I'm going to tell people why I'm doing this. I'm not starting today, but I haven't asked our audience, so I'm going to do it. All right. Awesome. So who is next? and we've got some great people in there. I see that Wayne is in the, in here. Obviously Wayne is amazing. We are working together in the, coaching program and he's making some really big, amazing progress. You've been great before you've even started the coaching. Like you've already been a great engineer, but it's cool to see what you're doing now. And I can't wait to see what will come from that. [00:24:00] And then we have, let's see, oh, I didn't even see that Thank you, Thomas bomber. He's in there. He says Congress guys, a hundred streams. I think you mean a hundred episodes, right? A hundred 

[00:24:10] Malcom: So that would be extremely unsuccessful. That would be one stream per episode.

[00:24:15] Benedikt: But thanks. Thanks. Thanks. I appreciate it. All right. Wayne is calling in, 

[00:24:19] Wayne: Hey. 

[00:24:20] Benedikt: hello, Wayne. How are you. dude? 

[00:24:23] Wayne: Good, man. Hi, can you hear me? Okay. 

[00:24:25] Benedikt: We can hear and see you. 

[00:24:26] Wayne: Sweet. Sweet. It's nice to meet you. Malcolm. So the first time we've met, um, 

[00:24:31] Malcom: Great to meet you.

[00:24:32] Wayne: congratulations on 100 episodes. 

[00:24:36] That's 

[00:24:36] Benedikt: much, man. 

[00:24:38] Wayne: I want it to say, I agree with everything that Richie said, like when he was talking about the mindset episodes that you. And you've already mentioned one episode, which was episode 37, where you talk about don't mix your own, your own stuff. Basically it's better to send it to somebody else to mix it because of objectivity and things like that. And that, [00:25:00] I don't know why, I don't know if it's the place that I was in at the time, but that episode completely changed. Like the way I approach. Um, mixing and writing, even in like my whole work process, it was so helpful, like that episode. So I'd recommend number 37 to everybody who's listening. If they haven't listened to it already. 

[00:25:19] Benedikt: Awesome. Thank you So, much. It's interesting. In your case, because youth, I remember you telling me that when we first talked about the coaching and you said that this episode was, was really helpful for you, but. it actually costs you to make the decision that you want to mix yourself, which is interesting because our initial intention was to. They Um, the majority of our audience, that's what I want to say are bands who want to be bands more than anything And not engineers. And for those people, it's typically better to not mix themselves and focus on being musicians, focus on the production on the, on the writing, on all of that. and maybe not about on the mixing, but then there are people like you who, who are like I, but I really enjoy mixing. I really want to [00:26:00] mix. and I w baby, not only want to do it, for myself, So I didn't think about it, but it actually helped you make that decision that you want to pursue mixing further. Right? 

[00:26:09] Wayne: Yeah, man, it kind of answered a question that I didn't know. I had festering cause I love to write and love to flair and have done for my whole life. Um, but I also love to mix and I didn't realize I actually loved to mix more than I do the other stuff, you know, and it just helped me. I was just on the edge and it just helped me teach her over. And now I know what it is that I'm doing and what I want. 

[00:26:32] Malcom: Oh, very cool. 

[00:26:32] Yeah. It's funny. Cause like the, the episode name is like, why you shouldn't mix yourself, but that's not usually what, like our, our episode names. Aren't actually what we're saying in the episode, it's like the episode title should have been why you should consider not mixing yourself and maybe, maybe mixing yourself isn't for you and stuff like that. So I'm glad that you were able to kind of take out what, 

[00:26:54] Wayne: Yeah. Oh, absolutely. I mean, I still do mix myself, but it's, I'm [00:27:00] aware of things now and I'm aware of how important keeping that objectivity is. Um, and it's, uh, that episode was a huge part towards her. 

[00:27:08] So great job. 

[00:27:10] Benedikt: Thank you so much, Malcolm, by the way, the episode is called. If you're about to mix in extra record yourself, listen to this, you might be hurting your band. So, I'm

[00:27:17] not saying you 

[00:27:17] Malcom: actually pretty good.

[00:27:18] Benedikt: Yeah. Yeah. So when, um, other than this, are there any, um, maybe some, some technique or, or something you've learned on the podcast that was entirely new to you or where you had like an aha moment, something that you might want to share with other listeners? So some nugget that you remember. 

[00:27:37] Wayne: I would say probably. My entire workflow has changed, um, like in the last 12 months. Um, and from meeting you Benny and listening to the podcast, like I approach things in a much more efficient way now, and it is worth tick and like the taken an hour at the start to make a template or [00:28:00] whatever, for whatever you're recording, rather than just, I used to just go into it and it would just be a horrible mess trying to find things and whatnot, you know?

[00:28:08] Benedikt: Yeah.

[00:28:09] Wayne: So it's just like, it's things that take time, but are actually huge time service. I'm much better at that now. And, uh, yeah, I'm just getting much more confident with everything that I do now. 

[00:28:19] Benedikt: That's so cool to hear. Thank you so much, man. Really appreciate 

[00:28:23] Wayne: I do have a question for you. guys as well, and I don't know why it's just always wanting to know how did you guys meet and have you ever met in person? 

[00:28:33] Benedikt: that's a good question. No, we haven't actually, which is kind of weird because it feels like we have, but like, yeah. 

[00:28:40] Malcom: honestly, I'm still not convinced that he's not some creepy guy in a basement. That's trying to lure me to germany, but 

[00:28:48] Benedikt: Oh yeah. It's a long, you know, it's a, it's a, it's a, it's a 10 year strategy. So the thing, you know, like.

[00:28:55] Wayne: But just imagine if you met Benny and he was like eight foot tall and you just [00:29:00] hadn't read. 

[00:29:03] Benedikt: Yep. So how did we met? Um, I think you actually approached me Malcolm. I, if I remember collect correctly, this was three or four years ago, at least I think, yeah. Two, 2017, 18, something like

[00:29:16] Malcom: Would have been 2000. I'm almost positive. It would have been 2016.

[00:29:20] Benedikt: or maybe even sick. Wow. That's crazy. Like that would be like five years ago. Okay. W I remember you went on a trip to China, right. To record a rock band there. And you and we were both in some sort of online community, I think at the time, or you've, you've heard about me from somebody. I don't know how like. 

[00:29:37] Malcom: in the, in a community. I can't remember if that was the six-figure home studio or what it was, but, um, one that we were both in, um, yeah, it could have been your M and a. And you commented with some advice because you had done some, some working with dance and other countries, essentially. And then, from there, I believe I just direct messaged you and chatted with you [00:30:00] more, um, as to how that turned into us, spending hours of time together. Like this is going to be our hundredth hour together, not counting the mastermind group we have before the assessment saying.

[00:30:09] Benedikt: And not count counting the hour we always spend before we actually record the 

[00:30:14] Malcom: Totally. Totally. Yeah. We're at for probably approaching like 500 hours,

[00:30:20] Benedikt: yeah, probably. Yeah. And I think it was like, you were asking for advice on working with bands in other countries before you went off to China and China, and I've never been to China, but I, the questions you were asking were specific and I could help, I thought I could help you with that. and then we just kept in touch and your trip went great. I think. And then, uh, we started a mastermind group together with some other engineers that's not existing anymore, but it was 

[00:30:44] Malcom: a previous guest John McLucas was on 

[00:30:48] Benedikt: on 

[00:30:48] there. Exactly. 

[00:30:49] Malcom: Steven Ward Morgan on the podcast.

[00:30:50] Benedikt: No, but we should bring him on Stephen Ward is the content creator for new DSP. The, the, the, the amazing company who makes the, the great absence that we all love. And [00:31:00] he was in our mastermind as well. And we should bring it on at some point, because he's an absolute expert when it comes to obviously he knows the ins and outs of those better than anyone else we know. So, yeah. And we, we hung out in this mastermind and then I think you actually, Malcolm is actually the reason why this podcast exists. I think because I started another podcast before the show one that I did on my own. It's an interview podcast. I still do it. And 

[00:31:25] Malcom: You can say the name of it. 

[00:31:26] Benedikt: Yeah, it's called, it's called the Outback recordings podcast. Most episodes are in German, but I have some international guests on there as well. And it's more focused on the punk rock, hardcore alternative music scene that I am part of. And Malcolm, I think use, at some point after I started the self recording band and built the website and the first block posts and downloads and stuff like that, I think you said you should do another podcast. And I initially didn't want to do it because a podcast is so much work and then you offer to do it with me. And I thought, okay, if we do together and I have the accountability and like, maybe we can make it work. And [00:32:00] then early 20, 20, I think we just started. 

[00:32:02] Malcom: Yeah, I see. That's I, I think I remember bringing up the idea because you were telling me the results of your other podcasts were paying off and it was growing really fast and stuff. So I was like, oh, well, you should just redo that for your education platform. But then I remember you asking me if I wanted to do it with you. Right. But I could be wrong on that. 

[00:32:20] Benedikt: Yeah, it could, could be true. 

[00:32:21] Malcom: terrible memory. 

[00:32:22] Benedikt: Could be true. The idea for the focus came from you. And then I just asked you if you want to do it with me, I think, yeah. It seems to be, it seems like it seems to have been a good idea.

[00:32:31] Malcom: Yeah. I'm glad, glad it happened.

[00:32:34] Benedikt: Yeah. Yeah. Now maybe we'll meet in person 

[00:32:39] Malcom: Yeah, I'm saying that you're going to have to come to my wedding. So that june, June 26, buddy, you got to come to canada.

[00:32:46] Benedikt: You see, see, see how crazy that is. I mean, that's what I meant at the beginning. Why this podcast and this whole community means so much to me because I like we have never met before we just do it because of this podcast. And Now I'm invited to your wedding and I'm going to fly to Canada [00:33:00] to actually join you. They're like, that's so amazing. That's one of the side-effects of this podcast and all the other connections too, with people in our community. And like, this is, this is the best thing about this. Honestly, this is super cool. 

[00:33:12] Malcom: It was very cool. 

[00:33:14] Benedikt: Yeah. 

[00:33:14] Malcom: the annoying part is that I've been to Germany, I think twice since we've started hanging out and I'm still never managed to meet up with you.

[00:33:20] Benedikt: Yeah. Yeah. True. True. Yeah. We'll look at it at some point. We'll meet so awesome. Thank you Wayne, for that question. 

[00:33:28] Wayne: Thank 

[00:33:28] Benedikt: Some good memories there.

[00:33:30] Malcom: Definitely. Definitely.

[00:33:31] Benedikt: Any, anything else you want to share before I ask you the same questions? Because I need to know.

[00:33:36] Wayne: Well, one little thing, which I think me and you, we're going to talk about this anywhere, Benny, like, uh, but I'm recording a band next week and I'm really struggling to get the guys in the band to change their guitar strings. They're just like, I keep trying to politely, oh, well you should change your strings on the day, you know. by a few sets. So we can, and they're just not interested. [00:34:00] Is it? Yeah. Is it just a case that I'm just going to have to tell them, listen, man, it's what you put into it is what we're going to take out of it. So if you don't want to do that, then the results aren't going to be as good because I can't physically take the guitar from them and do that, you 

[00:34:14] know, 

[00:34:15] Malcom: I have a solution for this. Um, what I did was I, I don't know if you can see, but to my right, there's some guitars on the wall. I just keep those frustrating. And then instead of prying their guitar out of their hands to restring it for them, I just do a quick shootout. I got them to play the part with a couple different guitars. And then I just say, which one sounds the best. And obviously the ones that are set up and have good strings sound the best. And they just, you don't tell them which ones, which you just do a blind shoot up. They'll end up choosing the guitar you want.

[00:34:43] Wayne: Nice. Yeah. I was, I was thinking of taking Microsoft with me, so yeah.

[00:34:47] Malcom: Yeah. It's a bummer, you know, cause you're now spending money on strings for your guitar, but you know, 

[00:34:52] it's worth it 

[00:34:53] Benedikt: Yeah, that's a really good idea. Don't explain it to them. Just show it to them.

[00:34:57] Malcom: Yeah. I mean, try, always try to get them to change the strings, but [00:35:00] 

[00:35:00] Benedikt: Yeah. And if for some reason you can never entirely rule that out. If for some reason they really like the sound of, I don't know, dead dull strings, or like, it could be an artistic decision that I'm not aware of, or I don't know, but if forever, for whatever reason, they really prefer that they're going to tell you that as well, when you do the shootout and then you can confidently choose the old strings, you know, 

[00:35:20] Wayne: Uh, genuinely, I think it's just laziness. I don't think it's an autistic decision. 

[00:35:25] Malcom: yeah, one more thing. I think you should offer to do it for them because it could be, I've definitely, it's amazing how many guitars don't know how to restring the guitar. They could be a, like a confidence thing where they just like, think that they have to spend money to go hand it into their music shop, to change the strings floor or something. But if you're competent changing strings and intonating just offered to set it up for recording and be like, oh, we should do a full setup and get it all. Tip-top for the recording.

[00:35:52] Wayne: Sweet. 

[00:35:52] Benedikt: That's a good idea as well. They are going to appreciate that. Maybe you can get the guitars a day before the session or so, and do that for them. They're going to be. 

[00:35:59] Wayne: Yeah. Good [00:36:00] idea. Thanks. Ma'am 

[00:36:02] Benedikt: Awesome. Cool. All right Or then a Wayne burger or pizza 

[00:36:07] Wayne: pizza. 

[00:36:07] Benedikt: Oh, that was a quick one. Awesome. You're counting this as well. Not coming.

[00:36:12] Malcom: Yeah, 

[00:36:12] Benedikt: Okay, cool. What else did she say? Is it pizza? Yeah, it's a, yeah, so we had two for pizza, but I have my overall chart here. Okay, cool. Then a beer wine, or no alcohol at all. 

[00:36:24] Wayne: No alcohol. 

[00:36:26] Benedikt: answer. Cool. Interesting. Let's see 

[00:36:29] Wayne: these days. 

[00:36:30] Benedikt: these days. Okay. Okay. 

[00:36:31] Wayne: these days. 

[00:36:33] Benedikt: Okay. Okay, cool. Thank you. All right. Thank you for joining the conversations and it's a conversation and keep doing what you, you are amazing and we'll see you I'll see you next week for sure. 

[00:36:44] Wayne: yeah. Sweet. 

[00:36:45] Benedikt: see you in the community as well. 

[00:36:47] Wayne: Okay. 

[00:36:49] Benedikt: So this was Wayne Colson, by the way. So just remember his name. He might be, He might be hurt. You might hear of him again in the future because he's really, really good at what he [00:37:00] does. And he's, he has a little niche for himself, like a creative niche that, that he's going to be very good at. So remember that name? So Oh yeah. Bama says by the way, oopsie. I meant episodes. Of course. Yeah. I thought you would. It's interesting. Richie also said Jacob Hanson's episode was stope. I agree. For some reason, this episode wasn't as popular as the other guest episodes we had. Um, but if you, if you've missed that one, go back to Jacob Hanson's episode interview, because we really think it's amazing. And Jacob is such an amazing engineer and producer and also 

[00:37:36] Malcom: yeah. 

[00:37:36] Benedikt: to talk to.

[00:37:37] Malcom: Told the such a rad guy. Um, he's been like a hero of mine for years, so that was incredible. Getting to chat with him. I've got to have him on my other podcast as well. And it was just like more time I get to spend with that guy that I feel like he makes me a better person.

[00:37:51] Benedikt: Yeah.

[00:37:51] Malcom: just a good dude.

[00:37:53] Benedikt: totally, 

[00:37:54] Malcom: really solid positive perspective on everything.

[00:37:57] Benedikt: totally. and uh, and by the way, [00:38:00] shout out to. You're Ben sucks at business, which is, Malcolm's other podcast. If you haven't checked out that show, please do that because it's really amazing. It goes well together with this show. I think there's some things that every self-reporting band needs to know, I think, or should know at least. And, um, we might share some of their content on this platform in the future, who knows, but if not that go through, I think it's your band sox@business.com. Right.

[00:38:24] Malcom: Yep. 

[00:38:25] Benedikt: And check out the show there. Uh, super amazing. I always send people there, like bands that I work with when they have, legal questions or marketing questions or whatever, I just send them there because it's it's, it's great. It's the resource for 

[00:38:38] Malcom: Yeah. It's kind of like a logical next step. You record the music for this podcast and then you have to release it and market it. So the other podcast comes in.

[00:38:46] Benedikt: Yeah. So I actually, even in my, in my artist portal that I use for the studio, uh, it's like a piece of software that I use to manage projects. And I invite my, my, um, the artists that I'm working with. I invite them to this portal so they can see the next steps and everything [00:39:00] in, in our mixing projects. And I have a little Vicki there, a little Wiki, um, knowledge base sort of thing. And I have your band sucks at business in there, because I think 

[00:39:09] Malcom: Oh, cool. 

[00:39:09] Benedikt: just think people should know about it and 

[00:39:11] should 

[00:39:12] Malcom: fantastic. 

[00:39:13] Benedikt: Yeah, you're welcome. I'm just gonna go through the chat feed real quick. In case I missed something, my arthritis for the wind. Yeah. I agree. So people really seem to enjoy the mindset episodes. That's interesting because they are also not as popular, but I mean, I think the people showing up today are the ones who implement the most and are long time listeners. so, I I'm actually not surprised that you liked the mindset episodes and you'll listen to those because you are action takers and you actually implement stuff. I think we need to do a better job of making those episodes more appealing to our new listeners or like the general, podcast listener, musician. You guys are sort of our superstars here. So it's glad to hear that you like. Malcolm. Do you think there's one. [00:40:00] Category or one like topic now, is there just one? W what's your answer to this by 

[00:40:08] Malcom: It is pizza beer, I think. 

[00:40:10] Benedikt: It's 

[00:40:10] Malcom:

[00:40:11] Benedikt: beer. Okay. 

[00:40:11] Malcom: a lot though. So it's hard.

[00:40:13] Benedikt: Yeah. I see what you're saying. Okay. With pizza for you. Okay, cool. Um, now is there one topic, one category of things like that we, that in your opinion is like under represented, like not talked about enough on our shows, something that we somehow maybe touched on, but should do more of like, just a general broad thing,

[00:40:33] Malcom: you know, what we really don't talk about enough is changing your guitar strings?

[00:40:37] Benedikt: obviously, obviously. yes. 

[00:40:41] Malcom: Uh, no, no. I think we do a good job of touching, talking about guitar strings, especially, um, it would be, I think we should do more of the, the frequently asked questions stuff. I think that gets us inside the head of the listeners a little bit. And, myself, like, [00:41:00] um, my band's defunct, you know, we're, we're not doing anything right now. Um, so I don't really have that, like inside look into the dynamics of a band, especially a band trying to record themselves and like the egos involved and all that. So, um, getting that insight from our listeners is totally helpful for us in knowing what we should be talking about and making more episodes about,

[00:41:21] Benedikt: Agreed. Agreed. 

[00:41:22] Malcom: Torsten 

[00:41:23] Benedikt: we got tourists in here. Hello. 

[00:41:25] How are you

[00:41:26] Torsten: Hi everybody. I'm good. Thanks. How are you 

[00:41:29] Benedikt: doing great. Thank 

[00:41:31] Malcom: Yes, 

[00:41:32] Benedikt: I can only speak for myself, but I'm doing great.

[00:41:34] Malcom: I'm doing great as well.

[00:41:37] Benedikt: Cool. So ma um, not Malcolm Tossin. Uh, who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself. I mean, I know who you are, but tell us.

[00:41:44] Torsten: who am I? Who am I? I'm one of the longtime listeners of the podcast, I think. And I'm also in the, in the, uh, Facebook community and in the, uh, 

[00:41:55] Benedikt: Yeah. 

[00:41:56] Torsten: We did a record together last year [00:42:00] and we will do more songs 

[00:42:01] Benedikt: Yes. This year actually. 

[00:42:04] Torsten: or this year. Yes. of course This year And I, I tried to, to organize a happy birthday choir for you? but it wasn't possible. I was texting with Malcolm 

[00:42:14] Benedikt: Really? Oh, 

[00:42:16] Torsten: The only thing I prepared was is this, this thing, a little bit of birthday 

[00:42:21] Benedikt: Thank you so much, dude. Like, that's so amazing. Thank you.

[00:42:25] Malcom: Uh, that's 

[00:42:26] Benedikt: Wow. I didn't expect that one. That's crazy. Like thank you so much.

[00:42:31] Torsten: Yeah, I hoped it would be possible to, to more people come into the chat and maybe sing something for you, but that's not possible. Okay. Anyways, that's why I? throw a cake. I'm better. I'm better. I'm better in engineering music than drawing. 

[00:42:48] Benedikt: I have to agree, but like, I still love the cake though, but I, if I, if I, if I disagreed that would do your music justice, because you are really good at engineering. So tell us, and by the way, his band is called love 40 down. [00:43:00] So if you want to, um, search for them, I think it should. It's, it's best to wait for. Like, you can, you can search for them right now, but I think we have to tell people that a new record is coming out. And I think that will be the thing you should listen to when you discover us in Spanish, uh, it will be out. When will it be out? Is there a date already?

[00:43:19] Torsten: The director, the EAP will be out in March and the first single we'll be out, uh, two weeks from 

[00:43:26] Benedikt: Oh, that's awesome. That's awesome. So love $40. The name of the band, they got signed to spam records, which is a really, really cool punk rock label in Europe. They've kind of blown up the last couple of years. Um, Stefan, the guy who runs the label is a well-known artist. He, he designs, cover art and, and merge and stuff like that for very well-known punk bands, um, like the biggest ones that are out there, like no effects and bands like that. And. Uh, he started a punk rock label and he has got a pretty cool roster of bands already and kind of blown up in, germany or like in, in, in [00:44:00] Europe. And he hosts this like huge and organized this huge festival as well, every year. And love for the down has been, has signed to spam records and they're going to release their record soon. And I'm so stoked because Torsten did all of it himself. I mean, I mixed it, but it wasn't a really great job producing, tracking engineering. Um, and he didn't like he did everything. He went through the academy, our course that we offer. Uh, he really like, he made good use of all of that. Like he, he booked calls with me. He asked the right questions. He took the whole preparation foundation mindset part seriously. They took a lot of time to record that, that AP and they really didn't cut corners. And I'm so glad to see that it worked out. And I can't wait to work with them again on the next record. And, uh, yeah, so that is just such a cool example of, of a self-reporting band that actually makes this work. I'm very glad you joined us to us. I think you lost we lost,

[00:44:57] Malcom: I think we lost, his feet. 

[00:44:59] [00:45:00] Um, 

[00:45:00] Benedikt: That was an 

[00:45:00] internet 

[00:45:01] Malcom: there, Torsten try and call in again. Um, but yeah, that, that is so like that success story is just insanely awesome. It's like, it's so great to get, uh, like somebody that literally went through the roadmap that we've laid out here, um, and, and worked with you in the end and like the whole, the whole self recording band funnel was complete and came out with an incredible result of them getting signed to this amazing label.

[00:45:25] Benedikt: Yeah.

[00:45:26] Malcom: Couldn't be more cool.

[00:45:28] Benedikt: Oh yeah, totally. Totally. So again, love 40 down is the name of the band. And I can't wait to share the record once it's out. all right. So maybe Thorsten will be able to call in again, And yeah. Other than that, I think I wanted to add to what you said before. Mechelen you're like, you answered my question and I wanted to add my thoughts as well. I think we should do. I agree that we should do more like of the FAQ or Q and a sessions and episodes like that, but I also think. we should do more. And I'd love to hear your opinion on [00:46:00] this people. I think we should do more actionable, detailed focused on one thing episodes, because we have a lot of these broad, big picture episodes that are helpful and valuable as you said. But I think we should do more like, one tool, one technique, really laser focused episodes, where we go deeper into one topic and that will go well together with what we plan to do on youTube. And I can already talk about this because I've mapped out the process for this, and I'm going to start very soon. So this year I'm going to, in addition to the podcast, I'm going to publish regular youTube. Short ones where I take what we talk about on the podcast and go more in depth and more in detail on like certain things that are hard to explain on a podcast format. So if we talk about compression or hearing compression or stuff like that, we can only talk about, but not really show you, I will take these things and actually show them on YouTube in like small short videos. And I think more actionable podcasts episodes where we talk about one specific thing and go a [00:47:00] little more in-depth and more in detail are going to go well together with the YouTube videos where I can then show what it sounds like. So that's just my opinion. I really like the big picture, broad episodes, but I think we should do a couple more of like laser focused, detailed episodes, I 

[00:47:16] Malcom: Yeah. no, I, agree. I, think that's a great idea just to get like really honed in, on specific processes and specific tools.

[00:47:24] Benedikt: Yup. Yup. And just tell us if you like that idea or not, or if you think. Um, that we should do something entirely different, but I think that's, that's the way to go mixed up with what we already did. Of course. All right. So, uh, trust your back. I just told people about your band and about the, uh, the label that you signed to and the upcoming record. I didn't say anything about the record, obviously, because I don't know what, what, what I'm allowed to say. Not much at this point, I think so we're just going to be patient and wait for the record. and then, yeah, I just, I don't know what you heard. I just, I just told them that you basically did all the things, right. You [00:48:00] went through the whole thing, implemented everything and, uh, and I can, I I'm So glad to see that it actually worked out in the end and I'm sure that the next record we're going to do this year, it's going to turn out even better because you've made a lot of progress since then again, right?

[00:48:14] Torsten: I hope so. Yes.

[00:48:16] Benedikt: Yeah. So what are you, 

[00:48:18] Torsten: the most, the most important thing that the most important thing that, that I learned it's also, I prepared on a. Slide is this one. 

[00:48:32] Benedikt: You're the best dude. 

[00:48:33] Yep, 

[00:48:34] Malcom: That's funny. 

[00:48:35] Torsten: What's the folks. So cool to hear what Wayne was telling before 

[00:48:40] because of the, the, the other band that doesn't want to change 

[00:48:45] strings. Yeah. 

[00:48:48] Benedikt: Yep. I mean, to be honest, like we got to be fair. I think most of us have been this band in our past. Like I remember that I didn't didn't really realize how important it [00:49:00] actually is and I wanted to save money and be lazy so I can, uh, I can relate to that.

[00:49:06] Malcom: Yeah. we're 

[00:49:07] Torsten: Yeah. That's what I, did also. Yeah. Yeah. I, I, I changed strings that were broken only, only the ones that were broken 

[00:49:16] Malcom: If you're listening to this episode and not watching it, you should know that it was a slide that said frustrating. 

[00:49:22] Benedikt: Yeah. Oh yeah. We should mention that in case you've just listening to the podcast yet tours and just held up a slide, a sign that said fresh strings. That's so cool to us. You're the best, like none of our guests have been as prepared as you are.

[00:49:36] Malcom: you're very prepared.

[00:49:37] Benedikt: That's amazing.

[00:49:38] So 

[00:49:39] Malcom: than we are. 

[00:49:40] Benedikt: yeah. Is there any other naked nugget or key takeaway or anything that you, you remember from the podcast? Something that you haven't heard before? like some, some small thing.

[00:49:50] Torsten: Nothing specific, but, uh, I learned so many small details that closed gaps in my, in my knowledge, I do, uh, [00:50:00] recordings for 20 years plus now, but I still have lots of gaps, but they get closer with your podcast.

[00:50:07] Malcom: Fantastic. 

[00:50:08] Benedikt: That's fantastic. And to be honest, like that's the same for both of us. I think Malcolm, because we've been doing it professionally for a while, but I think we both learn so much by talking to each other, closing each other's knowledge gaps, doing the research necessary for this podcast. So I think that it's the same for everybody. And it's a constant should be, we should be, lifelong learners, I think. And even if you do It for debt, if you've been doing it for decades, um, you, you always going to learn something new, I think. And, uh, it's good that you still have that mindset too, because I know a lot of people who think that after a couple of years, they know it all and then they start progressing. so it's good to, hear that this is not the case in your case. So.

[00:50:44] Malcom: Yeah. teaching is just another form of learning. Like you I find that by teaching through this podcast, I like think about things a lot more. I start to understand things more than I did before we did the episode. Um, and then from hearing different like [00:51:00] ideas or opinions or methods from, from you, Benny, I get to experiment even more. So in a way we're using this podcast to learn as well,

[00:51:08] Benedikt: Absolutely. So all right then anything else you want to share to us?

[00:51:13] Torsten: Nope. 

[00:51:14] Benedikt: Cool. Now your answers to my questions, beer or pizza now need not be or a pizza burger up here.

[00:51:21] Malcom: beer and pizza. 

[00:51:22] Benedikt: Wow. Okay. Burger or pizza

[00:51:26] Torsten: It's also pizza 

[00:51:27] Benedikt: also pizza. Oh, that's it. That's really interesting. Okay. And then beer, wine, or no alcohol.

[00:51:34] Torsten: Uh, two beers and then no alcohol after that. 

[00:51:39] Benedikt: That was a good answer. Cool. Cool, cool. Great. Yeah. Pizza beer seems to be winning, winning combination here

[00:51:45] Malcom: It is a good combo.

[00:51:47] Benedikt: for sure.

[00:51:48] Malcom: I know what I'm having tonight.

[00:51:49] Benedikt: So who is this? Somebody, 

[00:51:51] Torsten: ask. 

[00:51:52] Benedikt: somebody put in the chat beer and pizza. Both. I don't know who you are because your name also says beer and pizza. Both. [00:52:00] We can only hope that it's really your name. That will be cool. Tell us your name. Who are you? see 

[00:52:09] Malcom: They're 

[00:52:09] laughing, but not telling us. 

[00:52:10] Benedikt: Ryan ryan. Hello? We

[00:52:12] Malcom: beer, pizza and hair then.

[00:52:14] Benedikt: yeah, yeah. yeah. Wayne says don't get me wrong. I love a burger, but pizza is just so where's the tongue. Oh yeah. I haven't thought about that. Okay. Maybe that's the reason. Yeah. Interesting. Interesting. But that's, that's also interesting because we need to do another poll because, because then I, that brings up the question, like, do you actually vary? what's on your do you actually change what's on your pizza because most people I know, kind of always eat the same pizza. So it's interesting that you point out it's so versatile. Hmm. 

[00:52:44] Malcom: I mixed up my pizza all the time.

[00:52:46] Benedikt: Okay, cool.

[00:52:46] Malcom: And then like, there's, you know, there's like delivery pizza or there's like fire oven pizza, you know, stone oven, pizza and stuff. and then yeah. Barbecue pizza. Anybody that's made barbecue pizza. That stuff's good.[00:53:00] 

[00:53:00] Benedikt: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Wayne says you can put anything on a pizza and I'll eat it. That's cool. All right. So thank you to us. Thank you for coming on and sharing your story with us. You're going to, we're going to put the name of your band in the show notes as well, not the name of the label. So again, love 40 down in spam records and we're going to share the record of course, once it's out. all right. Yeah. Congrats on that one 

[00:53:26] Torsten: Yeah. Thanks. Thank you guys. And up for the next 100. 

[00:53:31] Benedikt: Yeah. Well, looking forward to that. Hope you stick around and yeah. Have a great evening. And thank you for coming on. Today's show by 

[00:53:38] Malcom: definitely. 

[00:53:38] Torsten: Bye bye. 

[00:53:39] Benedikt: All 

[00:53:40] right. 

[00:53:40] Malcom: buddy.

[00:53:41] Benedikt: Yeah. Oh, there we are. Hello ryan. Hello. How are you? 

[00:53:45] Ryan: I'm doing good. I'm doing good. I'm actually, I'm actually at work. So I was like, I probably can't chat that long, but I thought, Hey, you know what? This is a fun thing. These guys don't do it all the time. So might as well call in a little bit, right. Chat with, uh, [00:54:00] and, uh, Benny. I know Malcolm is the busiest person on the planet. So probably this is the only availability he has for the next like six months to chat with me. 

[00:54:11] Benedikt: You could feature a good feature. Yeah. Yeah. I'm one of the few lucky ones who get signed regularly. Yeah.

[00:54:18] Ryan: When you guys are talking about everything. I mean, I was listening to, I forgot what episode it was. Maybe it was the guitar, the guitar setup episode, and Ben he's like, okay, slugs, cats, you know, rain. Okay. What are we talking about? 

[00:54:32] Malcom: Running. 

[00:54:35] Ryan: all right, what 

[00:54:36] Malcom: Frisbee golf. 

[00:54:37] Ryan: No, I think it was ducks too. You're like slug, ducks, you know, whatever, what are we talking about next? And it was, that was like, this, this podcast is just so funny. Like, it's like, you guys have a lot of like technical information of course, but also just like funny, you know, like funny things just all the time. So it's like little quips. I really.[00:55:00] 

[00:55:00] Benedikt: Man. I appreciate it so much. That's actually pretty cool to hear 

[00:55:04] Malcom: Yeah, because 

[00:55:05] Benedikt: facts, but that's, that's so cool to hear.

[00:55:07] Malcom: I definitely sometimes worry that we're just boring. Our audience with useless facts about trail running and, and duck or slug, eating 

[00:55:16] Ryan: yes, like gaming Doug's or whenever you talk about the shoots that you went on and you say, oh, I got soaked and you know, I've got the hat or I was looking for a hat, you know? But, uh, or talking about your, uh, new gear purchases, which, uh, I know Malcolm, you got that a a new Mac book, so, 

[00:55:38] Malcom: I'm using it right now 

[00:55:39] Ryan: all right on, right on. And

[00:55:42] Malcom: working like a charm. 

[00:55:43] Ryan: what's the, what's the initial review on that?

[00:55:46] Malcom: I'm thrilled. I'm totally thrilled. Um, I find just yesterday I put it through its first real intensive mix. Um, and, and I went just to town on it, just leaving every plugin, running full blast and, and not [00:56:00] freezing or committing anything. And it did awesome. It did really good. So that's a, that's working like a charm. The, the workflow is uninterrupted now, which is entire goal.

[00:56:10] Ryan: Nice. so now you can run those 600 track sessions that, you know, you're working for the big labels. Right?

[00:56:18] Malcom: I, I have so many redundant buses that my sessions are always pushing close to 200. Um, even even small, like the band says be 16 tracks and somehow I ended up with over a hundred. 

[00:56:30] So 

[00:56:31] Ryan: All right. We're a third of the way 

[00:56:32] Malcom: but it's just, that's just the way I do it.

[00:56:36] Benedikt: Yep. So you awesome. Interesting. Yeah. I mean the banter we do, the stuff we talk to that is non audio related. That's just because of the thing that we talked about with, with Wayne before the fact that we never meet in person and our only meetings are the podcast recordings basically. So we have to catch up and update each other about our lives and stuff. And we just do that on the podcast. Sometimes. Actually the funny thing is we always talk a little bit about that before the episode, [00:57:00] but Malcolm is really good at like saving some of it for the episodes. I always think I heard everything when we started the episode and then he always has something left that he didn't tell me about that he can then put in the actual episode. So I really, I really enjoy that. 

[00:57:14] Ryan: I, mean, what else would you expect from this intelligent, handsome devil here? Right. I mean, he's, he knows, he knows how to, you know, save the goods. Right? What goes on there? What goes off air? I mean, he's a, he's a dang expert at this point. He, what, two podcasts a week you know, actually Benny, you have two 

[00:57:33] Benedikt: Netflix stuff. And like, yes. Now not a week. Um, I, I did two podcasts a week now the other one is slower. Like it's once, once a month now, but I did, I have. Yeah. But, but I did 70 episodes or so on the other podcasts as well. So yeah,

[00:57:48] Malcom: Yeah. We both dropped our other podcast down to monthly, which it's funny. We didn't, that's not something we coordinated. It's just something that naturally happened. but Ryan, I think you're a great person to talk to you on, on this episode.[00:58:00] number one, you've got the best hair of anybody in this Facebook group. I'm positive. You are a fine feathered man. It's fantastic. Um, but, uh, second you, uh, we're, we're in a Facebook chat together and you've been looking to do something that I think is a really smart move, um, for, for self recording, musicians and bands. And that is to try out doing a session with somebody. Um, and you're specifically looking to do a guitar track in session with an expert. so you're, you're trying to find, an amazing engineer that's done. You're drawn drawing and you want to spend a day with them in the studio and, and you're, I mean, you're going to come out of it with an amazing product, of course, but you're also going to learn so much about the process by doing that, 

[00:58:41] Ryan: Yeah. 

[00:58:41] Malcom: that your intention to learn 

[00:58:43] Ryan: Yeah. Basically. That's yeah, basically that's my intention to learn and to actually kind of good that we're talking about it on this platform, because I actually got that idea after having a call with Ben. Um, we didn't exactly. We didn't exactly talk about that. but kind of from [00:59:00] that discussion, it's kind of, uh, you know, for me to just try to get a little bit of a perspective of, you know, what is good enough, you know, on a, like, I basically have been doing like at home recordings and, you know, I think what I've been doing is, you know, good quality because I haven't had my mixer come back to me and say, Hey, These, these tracks are trashed, like redo them, you know? Um, there was one that I did redo for him because he couldn't edit with the right. Like he was trying to edit it and phrase it. Right. And I, it wasn't ever, right. So I rerecorded it so that he, it was just right. And he didn't have to try to edit the phrasing. Um, 

[00:59:39] Malcom: Perfect. 

[00:59:40] Ryan: But other than that, you know, never said like, Oh, these are really bad clips, dis that sound like they have dead strings on them or whatever, you know, but let's go back to that. Um, so yeah, so this time, it, you know, so I want to get that perspective from someone who's kind of, you know, [01:00:00] experienced and, um, you know, knowledgeable enough that I'll just say, okay, I I'll let you make all the decisions on what's good enough. And what's not. You know, just try to go with that as much as possible. And the idea is like to get with someone who's good enough and has enough experience that I won't question, you know, their level. Right. I mean, if you know it's so, because if I go with someone that maybe is not as good, I might be like, well, I don't know if that's good enough, you know, but if it's someone that's good, they're not going to let me get away with. With BS. And so it's a interesting prospect. It could be a little bit, you know, it's still, I'm somewhat anxious about it because it's kinda like, oh, okay, here we go. Am I actually good enough? Or, you know, or maybe they're going to like push me to be a little bit uncomfortable and stuff. But, you know, someone told me yesterday, it's like, you never, uh, you know, you never improve by just staying comfortable. So I'm gonna kind of use [01:01:00] that and yeah, it's, I'm still in the process of it. Yeah. Hopefully, you know, either this month or February, I'll, I'll be with somebody and then, you know, we'll actually do it and then hopefully just knock out guitars and bass in like days.

[01:01:14] Malcom: Yeah. I mean, I think it's just such a good move. It's treated as like an investment into learning as much as getting the actual result from the 

[01:01:22] Ryan: yeah. Yeah. I mean, I could get, yeah, it's really, I would say 95% of it is learning. Cause I could get the end result on my own.

[01:01:31] Malcom: yeah. 

[01:01:31] Ryan: It might take longer, you know? So, um, but Yeah, so, and you know, it's stuff like that, that, you know, you kind of get from the podcast there's, you know, or just, like I said, in this case, it was just talking to Benny. So, you know, so that's, you know, that's like another benefit of like being a part of the community and stuff. 

[01:01:50] Benedikt: totally, totally. And I want to really point out one thing here, and that is so cool to see this also play out today. You and all the other people who called in [01:02:00] today. You are all action takers. And I know that because all of you are either in the academy or in my coaching program, or in your case, you are in a mentorship program of somebody else. Like John McLucas, who we had on the show who offers a great, um, program like that as well. Every single one of you is in something like that. And there's a constant like learner action-taker actually implements things you showed up today. You call him today. And the, the records that you guys make and the progress that you, the progress that you guys make is showing that it's like those people who really make something cool happen and who really put out amazing music or who really make progress in their careers are always the ones who are like that. And it's so cool to see that this is the same today as well. Like, uh, and we had a call and you, despite the fact that you are already in the mentorship program, you still took the time and jumped on a call with me to learn about what I had to offer and to get my perspective, which I totally appreciate. And I, it's not a bit of a problem at all that you didn't sign up for my program because I know you're already in good hands and I could offer you some of the [01:03:00] perspective and I just love to see you make progress. Yeah, it just goes to show, that the mindset and, uh, the attitude towards learning and all of that is the most important thing. And if you keep doing that consistently, like then you're gonna, you're gonna make something great happen no matter what, like.

[01:03:18] Ryan: Yeah, I think it's also like. just the, You know, the passion or the kind of like the, you know, the drive and all of that. Right. And I mean, if you, you know, I, I'm sure you guys are the same that, you know, um, I'm sure you two know enough that you could just. Steak with the knowledge that you have already and just continue making money and, you know, live off of what you do. But because we all have an interest in this, then, you know, it just motivates us to like learn more and, you know, put in the hours. you know, like sit there, I'd like, I don't know, midnight or something and think like, oh, I wonder about this thing and then you go and research it and Yeah. it? can be a good or bad thing. I mean, cause you can [01:04:00] come then you verge on the, you know, the, you you're on the verge of becoming a workaholic or you're already a workaholic and you know, I don't know what the, I don't 

[01:04:09] know what the 

[01:04:09] AA, I dunno what the AA program would be for an alcohol or for workaholics like WW. I dunno, but 

[01:04:17] Malcom: Hey, that's a real thing.

[01:04:19] Ryan: not actually a WW organization that does 

[01:04:23] Malcom: I don't know what the, what the name of it is, but I, uh, I am aware that there are people that do have to go to meetings because they just can't 

[01:04:31] Benedikt: Yeah. 

[01:04:31] Malcom: stop working.

[01:04:32] Benedikt: Yeah. I mean, the lines are all blurred, right? Like it's, uh, uh, it's it's if you really enjoyed, if the passion is, if you have that passionate about it and it's all you can think about night and day, you might not even be aware that you overworked and tired and exhausted. So that's a real thing, 

[01:04:47] Ryan: Yeah. I'll post it in the group. If I find a worried workaholics. you know, support group or 

[01:04:53] Benedikt: worried workaholics. That's awesome. Yeah, totally. 

[01:04:56] Ryan: put that in there. 

[01:04:57] Malcom: It was 98% audio engineers [01:05:00] and 

[01:05:00] Benedikt: So Is there anything, um, you wanna like any, any sort of nugget, any small thing of the podcast that you remember specifically that you want to share that helped you?

[01:05:10] Ryan: Yeah. I mean, one thing you definitely, that guitar setup episode, I think that's the one that I've listened to the most, just because there's so many good pieces of information there. Um, but I think one of the recent episodes that you guys did, I don't remember the number, but it was the one that. you know, like buying gear or the, you know, not to buy gear or, you know, kind of the concept of that. and then also the, this idea of like figuring out if you're doing things efficiently and spending your time efficiently. I ever since I've listened to those two episodes, I'm constantly kind of. Questioning, you know what, you know, if I need to make this particular purchase or, you know, am I spending my time wisely? So I think those are like really good, really good, like nuggets of [01:06:00] information. And the interesting thing about it just realize is that those episodes. Those two, you know, like you can really apply, you know, you guys were talking about snare drums. Like if you're a non audio person, you're not going to care about snare drums. Right. But like, you could be anybody listened to those episodes because it's, you know, you could apply it to anything. Right. I'm sure there are like, you know, I don't know, sports people who buy too much, you know, I don't know, sweat bands or something. I don't know. Like, you know what I mean? So 

[01:06:29] Benedikt: yeah, 

[01:06:30] Ryan: you could, you know, Apply it to that. Or maybe it's like, oh, basketball players they'll buy too many shoes or something. It's like, is that shoe going to really make a difference? You know? Um, especially if you can't afford to buy a shoe new shoe every day, you know, like it's, 

[01:06:46] um, you know, 

[01:06:46] Benedikt: That's definitely, that's definitely true for us runners. So

[01:06:50] Ryan: Okay. 

[01:06:51] Malcom: Well, actually, you know, I was going to say that running one of my favorite things about being into running is that it's hard to obsess over gear because there's just like I found the shoe I like, and [01:07:00] it's kind of salt. Like I can't really find anything else. I bought a nice hat. I've got nice running pants.

[01:07:06] Benedikt: I knew 

[01:07:07] Malcom: find anything else to spend my money 

[01:07:08] Benedikt: it. I know people who like buy a pair of running shoes every single week or so, and they own, I don't know, 30 pairs of shoes that they never wear. So I, I definitely know these types of runners, so it's a thing. 

[01:07:17] Malcom: changing shoes, 

[01:07:18] Ryan: Yeah. but 

[01:07:20] Benedikt: that's cool to hear though, that it's relatable. Sorry. I just want to say it's cool that, that it's relatable. and you can take this and apply it to other areas of life as well, which is this that's pretty cool to hear. Yeah. Some of these 

[01:07:30] things are just universal truths, right? So.

[01:07:33] Malcom: that is something that I hope is like a universal skill among our listeners of being able to kind of read between the lines and apply information to other situations. I just super, like, I almost think that's a required skill if you want to be learning from podcasts, because I think half the time, we're not talking about what applies to you, but we're talking about an idea or a concept that could apply to you.

[01:07:53] Benedikt: Yeah. So, um, Ryan, do you want to share the name of your music project or, um, the, the, the [01:08:00] music you make it put out so the people can find. 

[01:08:02] Ryan: Sure. Yeah. So, uh, the name of that project is venom and spirit. Uh, you can find the music on Spotify. I've got one song working, you know, to get other songs out. I kind of want to, you know, fit. Three songs before I start kind of marketing or promoting and releasing music again, just so I can try to like, build some momentum. And I have some ideas for marketing that I need to map out. Uh, but there's one song on there. Um, and I'm also on social media, you know, and spirit there's a Facebook and Instagram page. Um, and then, yeah, so those are, those are the links.

[01:08:40] Benedikt: Awesome. Thank you. I'm going to put that into the show notes as well. So all of this will be there. Cool. Thank you so much, man. Anything else you want to share? 

[01:08:47] Ryan: now that, that, I mean, that's basically it, when you asked about the nugget 

[01:08:51] question, 

[01:08:51] Benedikt: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. 

[01:08:53] Ryan: only other thing that I thought of another again, maybe these are episodes top of mind, you know? Uh, well recently Malcolm [01:09:00] said, I talked about the bystander or what was that? That witness bystander. 

[01:09:04] Benedikt: Oh God, the horrible comparison. Yeah. 

[01:09:07] Ryan: And no, but the funny thing was that he said, okay, remember, last time we talked about reviews and I said about the bystander effect. Well, it happened. It was like, Oh my God, So, and sure enough, it was like, when I went to the page, they were like, no reviews. I was like, wow, that. was right. you know, now from was 100%, 

[01:09:29] Malcom: nature.

[01:09:30] Benedikt: Yeah. It's really like that. Totally.

[01:09:32] Malcom: So remember if you see somebody getting stabbed, call the police,

[01:09:35] Ryan: Yeah. Oh, one more thing. The one more nugget that Malcolm, he, uh, you know, he says that Floyd rose guitars don't get the trash 

[01:09:46] then, uh, and then it posted in the community. I'm like Malcolm, I'm actually thinking maybe I want a Floyd rose guitar. 

[01:09:55] Malcom: I mean, you've got number two and so you're set,

[01:09:57] Ryan: Huh? 

[01:09:58] Malcom: you've got an attitude, right? 

[01:09:59] Ryan: [01:10:00] Yeah. that's true. Although I do yesterday, I did a, I made a little booboo on the ever tune. so now I gotta go get that fixed up again. Oh, Hey, maybe I'll drop this nugget for everybody. if don't take the foot plate off of your ever tune guitar, don't take it completely off. You're going to throw off all the action and intonation and everything.

[01:10:21] Malcom: oh, so you've got to reset all the saddles

[01:10:24] Ryan: Yup. 

[01:10:25] Malcom: everything. 

[01:10:26] Benedikt: okay. Okay. Oh crap. Yeah, that sounds like fun. 

[01:10:30] Ryan: You know what? You know what, because, okay. Because what I noticed was the first string was super in tune, right? It was dead on, but then as you went lower, the strings got less and less in tune. It was like less accurate. I was like, what's going on? And then I looked and I saw the footplate on the back was like crooked. It wasn't like sitting completely. And turns out that the holes for the foot plate are actually not aligned with each other. That's the reason the plate was crooked, but I didn't [01:11:00] know that until I took the plate completely off. And then I tried putting it back on. I made it a little bit straighter, but then Yeah, I threw off the action and the intonation and two of those strings are kind of, not really like even playable now. So, 

[01:11:14] Malcom: Dang. 

[01:11:15] Ryan: so I got to go and get that set up. So. yeah. just, uh, for those ever tune players out there, don't, uh, take off that footplate. I like to get causing and just set it up again, unless you're a Wiz or whatever, but Yeah. So, but 

[01:11:30] Benedikt: Awesome. 

[01:11:31] Ryan: it'll come back. It'll, it'll be back. I'll bring it back to life soon enough. So

[01:11:37] Malcom: Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Make that a priority. Cause that's that's those are a workhorse for me and you'll want it, but by the time you book that session with whoever you 

[01:11:43] Ryan: Oh, yeah, for sure. I'm not going to, yeah. I'm not going to book that until that gets resolved. Hopefully I can take it to a shop today, so, yeah,

[01:11:51] Benedikt: Awesome. Awesome. By the way, by the way, Floyd roses, I think if you want to do dive bombs or like stuff like that, you can totally have a flood rose, but other [01:12:00] than that, like, Nope.

[01:12:01] Malcom: Yeah, even then, I mean like whammy pedals will get you pretty

[01:12:04] Benedikt: Yeah, 

[01:12:05] Ryan: yeah. Is that, are those pretty accurate, like do those, like do the, like, do They replicate it pretty good?

[01:12:11] Malcom: No, they sound different. They sound like more like a synth to me. Um, they're cool sounding, but, uh, the dive bombs are cool because like the other strings sound wild. It's almost like the strings that aren't meant to be in the dive bomb on a Floyd rose sound, the coolest to me. That's like something broken and odd about it.

[01:12:28] Benedikt: That's 

[01:12:28] Ryan: know, I, I will say this, that, um, I saw a video recently on YouTube. It was a plenty, if you know, some of the audience member of my note, So plenty. He did a video for guitar world where he talked about like using a Floyd rose, like tastefully. It was pretty insightful. I was like, damn, he was kind of selling me on Floyd rose now, like, so if you guys want to, if anybody's curious about how to like, you know, do something else with floyds, other than, you know, dive moms, check out that video, plenty 

[01:12:59] Malcom: I'm [01:13:00] going to go find this video and report it as spam to get it taken down. It's spreading the sickness.

[01:13:05] Benedikt: Yeah. 

[01:13:07] Ryan: Malcolm has this mission. 

[01:13:09] Benedikt: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I think, you know that by now, but like take everything we say with a grain of salt, like everything, of course, there are great people using flood versus you. Should, you still shouldn't but like, you know, there are not saying it's not possible. So anyway, 

[01:13:27] Malcom: Benny, 

[01:13:28] Benedikt: Ryan, oh, ahead. What

[01:13:30] Malcom: I was just wondering, are you aware of the story of how Ryan and I know.

[01:13:35] Benedikt: No, I'm not

[01:13:37] Malcom: I don't think we ever told that on this episode or on this podcast, but, uh, Ryan and I actually met at the URM summit in Vegas, um, having many beers together and like, you know, three in the morning or something. And, uh, and, uh, yeah, so we, we hung out a little bit there. Um, I actually, I, I went up to Ryan thinking he was a guitarist in the band that performed there are expire. Um, and he was [01:14:00] Like I am not, you think I am? I was like, oh, well you seem cool. Let's keep chatting.

[01:14:05] Benedikt: Awesome.

[01:14:05] Malcom: And anyways, like, uh, well, when I was leaving the summit, it was like four in the morning after like the last day of events and stuff. And like, Ryan was still up at the hotel bar with some people and I was leaving to go get a plane. And, but anyways, fast forward months and months later, I start your band sucks, a business, the other podcast, and a. Ryan ends up being, coming to listener and messaged me some questions I think. And that like, we, we messaged for a while before we figured out that we already knew each other. 

[01:14:36] Benedikt: That's 

[01:14:36] Malcom: happened to find my podcast one day and start messaging me. And then we're like, wait, Ryan, I know who you are. We've met in Vegas one time.

[01:14:44] Benedikt: That's crazy. That's amazing. Awesome, man. I wish I would have been there. I was there. I was there the year before in Orlando at the summit and I didn't make it to Vegas, yeah. I'm I 

[01:14:55] Ryan: Yeah, definitely. Which I was at the first two of them after that one. yeah, [01:15:00] for sure. But yeah. it was, it was, it was great. Yeah, Balcom was leaving and I was like man, how come we didn't do it, man. We're still partying here. Like,

[01:15:09] Benedikt: Yeah, I have another, like a very quick fun story about Ryan. And then, um, yeah, I just have to tell that because I am at, might be completely wrong, but I think you have an almost identical twin brother, right? Is that, is that right? 

[01:15:24] Ryan: I have an 

[01:15:25] Benedikt: I saw, yeah, because I saw on your, I think it, wasn't your instagram where you pranked your family and friends and like your, your followers, uh, telling them you cut your hair and like, they all believe that and were shocked and then it turned out it was, uh, it was your brother who basically like, it's an identical twin. Like it's just you with less hair or shorter hair. So I think that was really, really funny because I was convinced as well. So that really worked.

[01:15:50] Ryan: it was funny because I had some people who were like, not convinced I had a friend. He was. Hell bent on figuring it out. And he was like, there's no way you did it. And this and [01:16:00] that. He was like, send me a picture. I would just send him pictures of my twin brother. And he was like, he was like, dude, I know that's not you, man. Like you can't fool me like that. you. know, he was so invested in this thing. It was crazy. But, uh, yeah, it was a little, little fun thing. So you 

[01:16:20] know, waiting for it. 

[01:16:21] Benedikt: But right. Thank you. So the, the question beer or no pizza or burger, 

[01:16:28] Ryan: Oh, man, that's a tough one. Um, My gut wants to say pizza, but, um, you know, I don't know, not having a burger ever again, you know, like, uh, is that what we're talking about? Are we just talking about like a.

[01:16:43] Benedikt: You're 

[01:16:43] Malcom: rules here?

[01:16:45] Benedikt: Just give me an answer.

[01:16:47] Ryan: I guess pizza. 

[01:16:48] Malcom: you'd prefer to have right

[01:16:49] Benedikt: Okay. 

[01:16:49] Pizza pizza. Okay. That's that's five votes, like that's for four rows for pizza, right? Or five for four. Okay, cool. And then, and then beer or wine or no alcohol at [01:17:00] all. 

[01:17:00] Ryan: I probably take a beer, Yeah, I'll take 

[01:17:02] Benedikt: Okay. Like pizza and beer is winning today. Malcolm. This it's crazy. It's really crazy. 

[01:17:07] Ryan: Oh, Yeah. See, that's like a freaking perfect combo right there. mean, 

[01:17:13] Malcom: and beer. Oh Yeah, but So. it was a burger and a beer, a burger, and a beer is incredible too. 

[01:17:16] Ryan: true. 

[01:17:18] That's true. Now somebody is burger and wine. They're psychos.

[01:17:23] Benedikt: Yeah, exactly. I'm waiting for that person. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, 

[01:17:26] Malcom: Pizza and wine works, but

[01:17:28] Ryan: Yeah. We're wine. There's like, you know, kick them out of the community. No,

[01:17:32] Benedikt: Yeah.

[01:17:32] Ryan: kidding.

[01:17:34] Benedikt: And see, that's the test. That's, that's the whole reason why, why we do this test? We just want to make sure we keep the community, 

[01:17:40] Ryan: safe. 

[01:17:40] Benedikt: safe. Yeah, exactly.

[01:17:42] Malcom: We should change the cause when you join our Facebook community, you get asked some questions and it should be, uh, we should rule out that they don't like burgers and wine and uh, if 

[01:17:51] Ryan: Exactly. There we go. 

[01:17:54] Benedikt: Exactly. All right. Thank you for coming on Ryan. 

[01:17:57] Ryan: Yeah, totally. Awesome. Thank you. guys for having me. [01:18:00] 

[01:18:00] Benedikt: Cool. 

[01:18:01] Ryan: All right. Take care guys. 

[01:18:03] Benedikt: Take care. Bye bye.

[01:18:04] Ryan: Bye. 

[01:18:05] Malcom: Bye. Awesome.

[01:18:06] Benedikt: Awesome. Great. Now I'm just going to read Paulie's message here. And Paul is, I think, I think he's Paul from the band that Wolitzer from yesterday, from Austria, they, they call it level looter. Um, it's, uh, a German word, like written a little differently. Um, and they, they are a punk band. They are pretty amazing. And I had the pleasure of mixing their last album for them and he says, I just want to say hi and Congress to your podcasts. Unfortunately, I hadn't, I didn't have the time to get into all the podcasts if you guys, but as long as Benny has got the time and motivation to do the mixing stuff for our band, we're pretty safe. Thanks for that. And for you include the enthusiasm. Well, thank you Pauli much. Appreciate it.

[01:18:47] Malcom: Thanks, man.

[01:18:48] Benedikt: Yeah. Um, amazing band. Keep doing what you do. I can't wait to hear the next songs and keep working with you. And also glad to see that you showed up to this, to this session today. Awesome. All right. 

[01:18:59] Malcom: [01:19:00] All right. Thank you 

[01:19:01] Benedikt: Cool. Thank you everyone for joining us. This was really cool. This was fun today. So cool to connect with you. amazing. We're going to put all the bands in the show notes. So if I remember correctly from the top of my head, it's Tansy bought from, from Richie

[01:19:13] Malcom: yup.

[01:19:14] Benedikt: and Tansy bad is the name of the band.

[01:19:16] Malcom: Yup.

[01:19:16] Benedikt: And then we have Winkelman, amazing engineer. we have, um, he's got a solar project as well. I should mention that it's all going to be in the show notes. Then we have to ask them from love 40 down, uh, just recently scientists, spam records and with record, they did themselves. And then we have Ryan flair, um, whose solo project is called. Oh shit. That's what vitamin spirit. Right. Thank you, Malcolm. So we're going to put all of those in the show notes. And again, thank you for joining us today.

[01:19:47] Malcom: Yeah. 

[01:19:48] Benedikt: cool. Amazing. This was fun.

[01:19:50] Malcom: Very fun.

[01:19:51] Benedikt: Let's do another a hundred of these episodes 

[01:19:55] Malcom: Coming right up.

[01:19:56] Benedikt: Yeah, exactly. Malcolm, thank you as well. Of [01:20:00] course. Uh, wouldn't have been possible without you. I'm so glad that you are joining me in all of this. So thank you so much. And I can't wait to do all the things we have. We have planned for 2022.

[01:20:09] Malcom: Yeah, absolutely. Me too, man, is it's going to be an exciting year. I know we've got some big things planned. I'm including you already dropped the bag of the, the YouTube content come in. So that's exciting, but we've got more as well. So super pumped for all that. Um, it is Friday night over there. Correct?

[01:20:24] Benedikt: It is Friday night over there. Yep.

[01:20:26] Malcom: All right. So, uh, what's it going to be? Pizza, beer, wine burger.

[01:20:31] Benedikt: Good question. Somebody just knocked on my door. So it's either one of my kids or my wife. So I assume that dinner is ready, but I have no idea what, what I'm going to have. Um, but we're going to do a little movie night tonight with the kids because they're still like it's there. Yeah. The school is starting on Monday again. And we said, so we're going to do one, one late movie night where they have to, where they can stay up late. So I'm sure it's going to be something in that direction. I'm just not sure what it will be. Exactly.[01:21:00] 

[01:21:00] Malcom: Awesome. Well, I'm going to make sure it's a beer and pizza night for me. 

[01:21:04] Benedikt: Yeah. I really hope at this point that it's going to be European because I can't think of anything else, but yeah, we'll see. All right, cool. Awesome. Thank you all you guys rock. Um, let's yeah. 

[01:21:16] I'm just looking forward for 2022.

[01:21:17] Bring your friends to the community. All right. Take care. Bye bye.

[01:21:24] Malcom: Bye now.

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