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#10: What Is Mastering? Do I Need To Have My Music Mastered?

Picture Of Mixing And Mastering Studio

Mastering is a confusing topic, right?

Why is there an additional step when my music is already mixed? What's the difference between mixing and mastering? Should I master myself? Can the mixing engineer master it? The difference seems so subtle, is it even worth it?

We try to demystify the "dark art" of mastering, explain what it actually is and talk about why your music needs it.

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DIY-Recording FAQ – Episode 1: Amp vs DI

This is the first video of the “DIY-Recording FAQ” series that I promised to do and today’s question is: “When it comes to guitars and bass, should we send you DI-signals or should we just mic our amps and send you those tracks?”
Hope this helps and if you want to add a question, please let me know! I’m happy to answer it! Thanks for watching!

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