205: Get Better Takes Faster Through Comping On The Fly

Get Better Takes Faster Through Comping On The Fly

Have you ever been looking forward to having to go through 637 takes, trying to find the good parts after the recording session is done? Me neither. How to avoid that? Comping on the fly!


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comping on the fly vs "comp diving" after tracking

On this episode we're discussing the pros and cons of each, and the skills you need to be able to pull this off without risking anything or ruining the flow of the recording session.

Here's why comping on the fly is a skill worth learning:

  • It saves you time later in the process
  • It gives you a better idea of the final product
  • Moving fast and committing helps avoid getting too close to it and losing perspective
  • It prevents you from recording unnecessary takes and wearing out singers/performers
  • It will lead to a better end result, because you're not as likely to cut corners

Necessary comping tools, techniques and skills:

  • Know your basic editing tools and hotkeys (scissors, different ways to move events back and forth, fades, etc.)
  • Know the comping features of your DAW. You don't have to (and shouldn't) create a new track for each take, etc.
  • Make notes while listening to the performances
  • Use breaks to quickly go through notes and adjust the comp
  • Learn to listen for feel and emotion, rather than technical perfection (there are some exceptions, though)

    Let's dive in!

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