206: A.I. Talk: The Tools We’re Using, Thoughts On The Future Of A.I. In Music Production, And Why We’re Not Afraid Of It

A.I. Talk: The Tools We're Using, Thoughts On The Future Of A.I. In Music Production, And Why We're Not Afraid Of It

This is a purely speculative episode on the current state and future of A.I. (artificial intelligence) in (rock) music. 


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Our thoughts on A.I. In Music Production

We're talking about what A.I. can and can't do (yet), where we think things might be going and whether or not we all need to be afraid of it.

Again, we don't know nearly enough about this subject and the tech under the hood to make any serious predictions here. Hardly anyone does.

But we are already using A.I. tools on a daily basis. 

In our personal lives, in our businesses and when working on music or other audio & video projects, like this podcast.

So we have some experience and have done enough research and testing to at least have an opinion.

And we're hoping for certain A.I. tools to be released soon, so that artists, producers and engineers can be even more creative with even less friction.

Let's dive in!

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