213: Noise Perfected: Making No-Compromise Records That Stand The Test Of Time – With Sam Pura

Noise Perfected - Making No-Compromise Records That Stand The Test Of Time - With Sam Pura

Sam Pura is a record producer and audio engineer from Fremont, California. He owns and operates the Panda Studios and is the founder of Purafied Audio, a plugin company turning Sam's ideas and analog workflows into digital mixing tools that will inspire your creativity.


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Sam Pura and his team at The Panda Studios are not just about immaculate results. Working with them is an experience.

At The Panda Studios you'll find a great live room, multiple mixing rooms / control rooms, and an amazing collection of gear, combining the best of both analog and digital. Plus a great collection of instruments and amps.

Sam Pura's discography includes breakthrough albums by Basement, The Story So Far, State Champs, Hundredth, and The Dangerous Summer, just to name a few.

He's known for his work on a lot of modern pop punk, punk rock and heavy records. But has also worked on many projects outside of these genres.


And finally, Sam also makes plugins! Purafied is the name of his company there and on this episode we talk about those tools for a bit, as well. 

Because those are some really unique and interesting ideas that Sam has turned into these plugins.

From Sam Pura's website: 

When you work with Sam, it becomes immediately apparent that he will relentlessly push your record to be the best he’s ever done, but for those who come prepared, the environment can be as inspirational as that feeling on release day. And, along with your record, you’ll leave The Panda Studios with a new best friend and a love of Topo Chico.

Let's dive in!

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