215: “Everyone on your team should care as much as you” – Carl Bahner on finding the right collaborators and building your brand as a producer

215: “Everyone on your team should care as much as you” – Carl Bahner on finding the right collaborators and building your brand as a producer

"Your song is your baby - and everyone on your team should care as much as you." - Carl Bahner.


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Carl Bahner is an emotion-focused mix engineer with a hands-on approach.

He helps artists and producers from all over the world to build their own sonic dream team.

Carl has an open-minded, collaborative approach with artists and producers, exploring the jungle of sounds to make each song as unique, memorable, and emotionally impactful as possible.

He also calls himself a co-producer. 

Because even though most people come to him for mixing, one of his biggest strengths is helping artists and producers with that final 3% of the production that keeps you banging your head against the wall.

And finally, Carl helps passionate studio pros become irresistible to their ideal clients by teaching them to communicate their unique passions and perspectives.

Why does he do that? Because he loves being part of magical teams who create magical art. And through helping other producers find their perfect artist and make them happy, Carl can have an even greater impact and change even more lives through the music that's being created.

And why is it all about communicating? Because when you clearly communicate what makes you, YOU - aligned with exactly what your ideal clients crave - your inbox fills with serious inquiries.

That’s why Carl uses his two decades of music industry experience to help producers, engineers, and session musicians find and attract the perfect artists to work with.

And he really cares. It comes through in everything he says.

Here comes Carl Bahner, on The Self-Recording Band Podcast. Let's dive in!

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