A DI Signal, A Mic, One Stereo Track

Daily Blog - June 23nd 2021

You're probably recording each of your inputs to a mono track, right? Try this trick next time you're recording a DI signal with a mic.

A DI Signal, A Mic, One Stereo Track

Record The DI And The Mic To One Stereo Track

So you'll end up having the DI on one side and the mic on the other side. That seems weird, right? Hear me out, please.

If you now insert a plugin that let's you solo one side, or ideally blend (pan) between the two and then switch the plugin's output to mono, you'll be able to hear the DI, or the amp or a blend of the two, depending on how you set the plugin. 

It will all be mono, as usual, coming out of the middle, so you can use the channel pan knob, as always, to place it in the stereo field of your mix.

And in many DAWs it can all be done with stock plugins.

Why all of that?

Because you don't have to group tracks any longer to prevent editing mistakes, everything will stay perfectly in phase and you can easily switch back and forth or blend tracks that belong together in a much more manageable session. Less faders, less pan knobs, smaller chance for errors. 

Trust me, try to wrap your head around it and you'll love it.


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