Community Q&A: How much saturation is too much saturation?

Daily Blog - July 15th 2021

The Self-Recording Band Community is awesome and our members ask great questions! We love that and want this platform to be as helpful as possible, so we try to answer them all. Sometimes on the podcast, sometimes directly in the Facebook group, sometimes via email and sometimes here on the blog. Let's do a little Q&A series over a couple of days. Today's question is about how much saturation is actually too much?

Community Q&A: How much saturation is too much saturation?


Dominik asks: "How much saturation is too much saturation?"

Here's my answer:

It's all about being intentional. I use saturation with a goal in mind. I want to solve a problem, or I want to create a certain sonic texture.

If saturating something past a certain point doesn't get me closer to my goal, I just stop there.

If I want a tighter low end, a dense/edgy/aggressive midrange and a smoother top end, for example, I'll pick the right tool(s) and increase the amount of saturation until I get what I wanted. If any more of it only leads to unwanted side effects and doesn't do what I wanted anymore, I stop.

That being said, I have this sticker on my desk, so my definition of "too much" is not necessarily everyone else's:

Distort Everything


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