Community Q&A: I want to have 215 voices on my track

Daily Blog - July 19th 2021

The Self-Recording Band Community is awesome and our members ask great questions! We love that and want this platform to be as helpful as possible, so we try to answer them all. Sometimes on the podcast, sometimes directly in the Facebook group, sometimes via email and sometimes here on the blog. Let's do a little Q&A series over a couple of days. Today's question is about getting a lot of people to sing on your track.

Community Q&A: I want to have 215 voices in my song


Richie asks: "I have a question, and this might be more of a production trick than anything? I’ve been really moved by the recent discovery at the former residential school in Kamloops. Basically, I’d want to have 215 voices on the track. How could I do this, or create this illusion of that many voices?"

Here's my answer:

Love the idea! This would actually be a cool project you could do publicly. I'd definitely start an online campaign, get people to record themselves and ask them to send their recording in. Thrice did something like this on their last record and hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people participated. Check out the final chorus of this song that is sung by their fans:

Thrice - "The Dark"


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