Different Parts, Different Mics

Daily Blog - July 8th 2021

Who said you should use one microphone for the whole song, let alone the whole record? In fact, there's often a good reason to use different mics for different parts.

Different Parts, Different Mics


Remember How We Talked About Using Faders As EQ To Create Different Vibes For Different Parts?

We put a couple of different mics on guitar amps all the time and we can not only blend them, but switch between them or change the balance from part to part. 

With vocals, I wouldn't recommend blending as much (most of the time, there's always the exception), but there have definitely been many cases where I set up 2-3 different mics so I had options in case a part didn't feel right.

It always depends on the song and the vocalist, of course. The more consistent everything is, the more likely it is that one mic will work just fine. But if you go up an octave from the quiet verse to the loud chorus, chances are your mic of choice can't do both perfectly. 

So try different mics for those different parts.

That's really all I have to say today and I know it sounds obvious. But I also know for a fact that most people don't do that or even consider it. 

For some reason, we believe we set up one vocal mic (or kick drum mic, or snare mic, or bass amp mic, or...) and we're good to go for the song (or even the record).

No, we're not. Not necessarily. Shoot out your mics, give yourself options, optimize what you can get out of your gear. Listen to how the part feels and if it's not there, try something else.


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