Don’t Go It Alone

Daily Blog - June 15th 2021

Making records is hard. It's confusing, there are no hard rules to follow, there's conflicting information and even with the internet and all the knowledge of the world at our fingertips it can be a frustrating process, especially when you're starting out. It's an exciting but exhausting journey. And you don't have to go it alone. You don't have to figure it all out on your own. Mentoring, Coaching & Community are more accessible than ever!

Presets & “Fully Mixed” Sample Packs

It took me years before I made my first "OK" sounding record.

I learned by reading books, watching tutorials (there weren't that many back then) and a LOT of experimenting, practicing, failing and trying again.

The one thing that really accelerated my growth at some point was collaborating with others and getting indirect mentoring through that. As soon as I was able to ask questions and pick the brains of people who had already done what I wanted to do, everything got so much easier, so much faster and so much more enjoyable.

  • There are online coaching programs (I'll be opening The Self-Recording Band Academy again, soon)
  • There are people willing to answer your questions if you just dare to DM or email them (be polite, respect their time and don't expect an answer, but you can always try!)
  • You can form a mastermind group with other DIY musicians and engineers (I'm part of one, we meet every week to help each other out and it's awesome!)
  • You can build a community with other people in your area, maybe share a project studio or jam space to collaborate and grow together
  • And then there are online communities like The Self-Recording Band Community that you can join for free right now! It only takes a few seconds and now you're part of a group of like-minded people, willing to help you out whenever you have a question. You can share ideas, nerd out about all things audio, help others, find people to collaborate on projects, or get feedback on your recordings. 

Don't wait any longer. Start now, connect with your peers, find a mentor, get coaching. Whatever you need to grow and make your dreams a reality. 


PS: I often post videos to these daily blog posts in my Instagram Stories: @benedikthain

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