Drum Recording (Behind The Scenes) – One Setup To Get All The Tones

Ever wanted to look behind the scenes of a real drum recording session and see what was actually done to get the different unique tones on the record?


I went live in our Facebook Community after a drum recording session with a signed band from Germany. We had just started working on their upcoming record which was gonna be released by one of Germany's oldest and most important Indie-Labels. 

From Rock To Hip Hop To Punk To Latin Music

The record is very unique sounding and combines lots of different genres and styles. So every song basically needs its own unique drum sound. Therefore I thought it would be interesting to share how we approached it.

In this video I walk you through some of the things we did to get tones that would fit each individual song on the record perfectly. With one single drum kit and in a pretty small room.

No Fancy Gear Required To Get An Exciting Drum Recording!

Most importantly, these are things that you can do in your practice room, easily. Because it's not some fancy gear that makes the difference, but the creative use of what you already have.

  • Learn which drum heads we chose
  • Find out how we used tuning and muffeling tricks to get different sounds out of the same drums.
  • Discover creative mic choices and placements
  • Find out how we used different sets of room and "character" mics to capture a unique vibe and exciting sounds for each song on the record. 

Enjoy! (And please excuse the bad video quality. It was a Facebook live video, streamed with my phone. ;-))

Drum Recording (Behind The Scenes) – How I Got A Big Variety Of Tones Out Of The Same Drum Kit:

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