Energy And Excitement

Daily Blog - June 10th 2021

„I saw this band and the energy was just insane!“ „How can we make this part more exciting?“ 

Have you said or heard on of these sentences before? Probably. The energy of a song or a performance is always more important than the sonics. We want to listen to exciting stuff rather than to boring music. What we feel when we listen to something is what we really care about. But what is it that makes us feel the energy?

Energy And Excitement

What makes you enjoy a song (or a certain part of a song)?

What is it that makes you freak out, smile and crank the volume to the max?

Is it the groove? The melody? The chord progression? The lyrics? The snare sound? The low end of the kick drum? The bass line? The crazy distortion? The weird effects? The break before the actual part? The build-up? The breakdown? The intimacy? The incredible voice? The timing and feel of the performance? The overall sound of the mix?

Have you ever analyzed your favourite (and least favourite) songs and figured out what it actually is that you like or dislike about them?

Do it. Listen carefully. Think about what it is. It can be one thing, it can be a combination of many things. Write it down. Compare the results.

It’s worth it. It might help you create something really exciting yourself.


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