Forrester Savell On Setting Up And Tuning Guitars

Daily Blog - July 26th 2021

I don't have much time these days, as I'm mixing record after record while working on new things to help you make better records. So I decided to let others speak on the blog for a couple of days. After the community Q&A posts that I just published, I want to share some quotes from amazing engineers and producers that hopefully inspire, educate and/or entertain you!

Forrester Savell On Setting Up And Tuning Guitars


Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Helmet, Animals As Leaders) on setting up and tuning guitars:

"The very first thing that I always check when I’m recording guitarists is, obviously, do they have the instrument intonated. That’s the number one hurdle that I handle with most guitarists: they haven’t correctly intonated, or even if they’ve had their instrument worked on by someone else, it just doesn’t suit their playing style or the tuning that the song is in.

"Having it properly intonated, which I usually do — and usually have to teach guitarists how to do — will always get you the best results, because it enables you to focus on getting the performance, rather than breaking the performance up into parts because of tuning problems.”

Found in this interview (please check out the full conversation):


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