Joe Barresi On Recording Bass For Tool’s “Fear Inoculum”

Daily Blog - July 23rd 2021

I don't have much time these days, as I'm mixing record after record while working on new things to help you make better records. So I decided to let others speak on the blog for a couple of days. After the community Q&A posts that I just published, I want to share some quotes from amazing engineers and producers that hopefully inspire, educate and/or entertain you!

Joe Barresi On Recording Bass For Tool’s “Fear Inoculum”


Joe Barresi on recording bass for Tool's "Fear Inoculum":

"I try to get the sound right from the start. I’m not saying that I don’t use EQ on bass, but it’s far from a flat sound that I have to deal with later. It’s tweaked until it’s right at the tracking or overdub stage; and in-fact, we ended up using a decent amount of the live tracking bass on the record. Justin’s main setup for the album was a Wal bass through an extensive row of pedals, and then into two Gallien-Krueger heads—one is set to clean and the other dirty. The clean signal goes to an 8x10 MESA cabinet and the dirty signal into a 4x12 MESA cabinet; each miked separately. There’s also a DI to fatten the low end, which was usually compressed with the CLA-76 in mixing.

No re-amping either. We just spent a lot of time getting different sounds for the different sections of the songs, and making sure it fit. Sometimes that involved a different bass, a different set of strings or a different balance between mic/DI, even different mics on the amps in different sections."

Found in this interview (please check out the full conversation):


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