Let Them Show You The Blind Spot

Daily Blog - June 21st 2021

We don't know what we don't know. Our song might sound great to us because we can't see (or hear) the blind spot. That's why getting feedback is so crucial. And perspective really matters.

Let Them Show You The Blind Spot

We can't be experts at everything.

We know our main genre very well. We might even know a lot about various different genres. But we can't know everything. So there will come the day when we're supposed to add something to our music or deal with something that got sent to us from a collaborator that's not in our wheelhouse.

These are excellent opportunities to learn and grow. But we can only grow if we realize we don't know everything, get feedback, an outside perspective and let others show us our blind spots.

Maybe you can play and record incredibly punchy, big rock drums and you're also comfortable engineering super hard hitting drums for metal and hardcore songs. Now you want to collaborate on this really cool indie song that calls for a smooth, soft, tight and bone dry pulse instead of a huge sounding kit. Can you pull that off just as well?

Try it, do your best, educate yourself and when you're happy with it, show it to others. You might have a blind spot. Let them show it to you and next time, you'll know exactly what to listen for.


PS: If you're looking for an amazing community to get feedback from and provide your own expertise for, check out The Self-Recording Band Community. It's 100% free and can be the growth accelerator you've been missing all the time.

PPS: Downloading one of our free guides and joining our email list is also a great way to connect with your peers, as we will invite you to events and keep you in the loop about what's going on in our community. We just had an amazing video meetup last weekend and together we helped 5 people improve their recordings, arrangements and mixes by listening and giving collective feedback live on the call. Join us now!

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