Room Acoustics And Soundproofing Are Not The Same

Daily Blog - July 6th 2021

Improving your room acoustics is about improving the sound inside your room. Soundproofing is making sure nothing gets in and out.

Room Acoustics And Soundproofing Are Not The Same



Soundproofing is very hard to do and not always necessary. Improving your room acoustics is definitely necessary and much more doable.

If you put absorbers on the walls of your studio or jam space, you change your room acoustics but it won't help you with soundproofing. Soundproofing has to be done when constructing a room and is almost impossible to do after the fact, unless you build a room inside your room, which is, well... constructing. 

So, now that you know what you should focus on (room acoustics), I want to introduce you to someone who has all the answers for you. My friend Jesco Lohan from is THE expert that I always recommend when it comes to room acoustics. 

Make sure to check out all of it because as much as I know about room acoustics, Jesco is on a whole other level and will quickly become your go-to resource on the topic.


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