The Best Of All Meters

Daily Blog - April 27th 2021

A tuner shows you whether or not the pitch is accurate. Meters show you how loud, dynamic or wide something is. A spectrum analyzer gives you an idea of how you've distributed the elements within your arrangement over the frequency spectrum and whether or not it's a balanced distribution. But if you don't get goosebumps while listening to your song none of the above matter. 

The Best Of All Meters

How do you react emotionally?

Does the song make you cry? Does it make you angry? Happy? Does it affect your motivation or energy level? Does it remind you of a special moment in your life?

Your emotional reaction (or that of other people first listening to the song) is the best meter of all.

So should we stop caring about the numbers and graphs? 

No. They are great tools. They can help us when we're stuck. They are a great starting point and most importantly, they help us get to the core of an issue that we've already noticed intuitively. But they are not the be-all and end-all. And they shouldn't have the last word.


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