Want To Reignite Your Passion For Music? Read This.

Daily Blog - June 7th 2021

We got back from a little family vacation and there was a surprise waiting for our kids at home. We bought them a piano. They love it and I couldn't be more proud.

Want To Reignite Your Passion For Music? Read This.

An unexpected side effect

Our daughter was taking her first piano lessons, practicing on a small children's keyboard for a couple of months now. Seeing the passion she developed for it, we decided to buy a digital piano for our home, so she can practice properly.

We put it in our living room, so that all of us can see and use it whenever we want. This was the best idea ever. 

Although I have a piano at the studio, I wasn't really playing myself anymore because I'm constantly working on other people's records and kind of lost my passion for my own music. Especially piano music. It's a sad thing to say, but it's true.

Now with that instrument in our living room the fire immediately came back! Different environment, different instrument, music around the house and the children having a blast with it. It all added up, created an inspiring energy and it totally made me want to play again! 

Over the weekend we tried the piano out and watched the kids explore it. Then yesterday evening I finally sat down again myself. I started to play and couldn't stop smiling. 

Try switching it up a bit. Play in a different environment. If you can, buy yourself a new instrument. Put your instruments where they are available for you to use them whenever you want. If you have a family, offer them to join you. Let your kids explore music and instruments. Invite friends to your home and just have instruments around to be used spontaneously. 

Get out of the home studio cave and make music a part of your life again. It will change everything.


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