One Song At A Time…

Daily Blog - June 29th 2021 a good release strategy, but does it also make sense to work on one song at a time in the production, mixing and mastering process?

One Song At A Time…


Releasing one song at a time, instead of an album or EP is what many artists do, these days. Because it works.

That way you can make sure that every song actually gets heard and has a chance to enter playlists. You can also publish valuable, exciting content regularly and consistently.

So far, so good. But does that mean you should also record, mix and master one song at a time? I wouldn't recommend it, unless you create a roadmap, stick to your deadlines and have the budget for it. Some people prefer to work that way and like to focus on one thing at a time from start to finish. That's fine and can totally work. But this approach requires a lot of discipline and is much more expensive and time consuming, overall.

Batching the production process and then scheduling out the individual release dates for the songs from that session makes a lot of sense most of the time. 

Less setup time, cheaper and faster mixing and mastering (mixing a batch of songs in a row is way more efficient and saves time), more consistent results, lower cost for things like drum heads, lower risk (what if life gets in the way and you fall behind on your production and release schedule?), and probably some more reasons.

Yes, the upfront cost is higher and the initial time commitment, too. But your focus during that session will also be greater and, as with many things in life, this initial investment will pay dividends later, when you can use every available hour to market, promote and properly release your songs, instead of having to constantly switch between production and promo mode.

How are you going to approach your next session(s) and release(s)?


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