You Gotta Love Your DAW

Daily Blog - June 28th 2021

I don't care which DAW you use. What you use doesn't matter to me. But it definitely matters to you. And you should take that decision seriously.

You Gotta Love Your DAW


I just upgraded to Cubase Pro 11 and it made me realize once more how much I love this DAW. Does that mean I will recommend it to you?

Not at all. Because it's so important that you love the program you're working and creating art with. And we're all very different. We all have different workflow differences and different tastes. So there's no way for me to know which DAW will work best for you. You have to try and find out yourself.

I can only tell you that it's not the sound quality and not even the features (although there are different feature sets, of course) that truly make the difference. It's whether you love to open the software and can't wait to start each session, or not. 

That's it.

I've tried many DAWs, including Cubase, Reaper, Logic Pro and Pro Tools. 

And while I could absolutely achieve great results with any of those I won't leave Cubase anytime soon. Because I love it. It does what I want and everything is where I want it to be. 

Don't listen to people in forums, don't obsessively research reviews or what your favorite producers use. Don't listen to me. Have a quick look at the features, pick a few options and then try them out yourself. And if you don't like your choice after a while, switch. Sometimes it takes time to form an opinion and I doesn't matter if you've already paid for it. View it as a learning expense and move on. The alternative is being stuck with a DAW you don't love. Not a good idea.


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