What Does The Damn Thing Actually Do And How Does This All Work?

Simple explanations for the most common terms in audio, as well as features and functions found on recording studio equipment. The resource to end the confusion and help you focus on creating amazing music! 


Making and recording music is about the art. About creativity. And I’m a strong believer in simplicity when it comes to creative stuff. Because when you write or record, you want to be in the zone. You want to be in flow state. And nothing is more distracting and annoying than having to google seemingly complicated terms, features or functions that you come across while you’re creating.

The good news is: Most of that stuff is not complicated at all and you don’t have to understand all the technical ins and outs of every piece of gear, in order to make or record a great song. And once you find out what the important terms mean, you don’t have to be afraid of making a mistake, anymore. You can finally focus on the art and what comes out of the speakers. Because ultimately, that’s all that matters. 

So, to save you from that frustrating waste of time and energy, I’ve put together categorized lists with short, simple explanations of all those things. Boiled down to what really matters and already filtering out the stuff you don’t necessarily need to know to get started. 

I know these are long lists, but once you went through them, I’m sure a lot of things are suddenly a lot clearer. And I recommend bookmarking this page, in case you want to look something up quickly during a session. You can find the posts for each category below.

Fellow audio nerds, please note:

The explanations are as non-technical and simple, as possible. I want it to be practical and useful and I don’t care if everything is 100% scientifically correct. All that matters to me are the results that the people who read this will hopefully get.

It’s not meant to be an academic piece of work on audio technology and if you are an experienced engineer who thinks this is stupid, then I’m really sorry, but this is not for you then. And I can definitely understand your desire for accuracy and your love for nerdy discussions, because I’m a total freak in this regard, myself (just ask my wife). I just think inflating our egos by throwing around complicated terms and definitions is not going to help anyone trying to capture a great song.

So these posts are meant to help eliminate overwhelm and overcome that creator’s block that can kick in when you’re confronted with all the technical stuff.

These are the posts for the different categories:

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